split the difference rowdy  Costa’s Bodybuilding rowdy

split the difference rowdy Costa’s Bodybuilding rowdy

Date: 2017-09-09 02:27:06

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Split Routine, Viktor Costa’s BodyBuilding Routine
Tihs is my Split routine. to read.
Day 1 Thoraces and Biceps, – (abs – Weighted sit ups- leg raises laying on mat)
Day 2 Espalda and Triceps- abs – Bellrope Pulldowns or bar Pulldowns- Hanging leg raises
Day 3 Shoulders and Legs, (includes traps) – no abs
Rest if necessary- if not, Day 1 repeated. Tihs is What I am ly Do but not recommending for all Client and individuals. If you Liked a One-on-one SKYPE so I can a plan for you, go to
. vicsnatural@hotmail.com or you may Cotanct me by vicsnatural@hotmail.com
Viktor Costa is considered to be among the top Tennies in the world. You can get Vic’s and Diet plans at and say Helloo on and Instagram

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