10 Of The Biggest Diet & Exercise Myths Of All Time – Debunked

According to BBC News, its estimated that 8.5 million people in the UK have actually now gone gluten complimentary. I remember going through a gluten-free dessert stage, where I would go to the gluten-free area at the supermarket and select up a bunch of yummy deals with.
As soon as buying some gluten-free cookies and angel slices, I remember. They tasted great, however I was shocked to see the calories were simply as high as basic cakes.
Gluten can not be broken down efficiently by the body, and 1-100 individuals have coeliac disease (an autoimmune disease) where the body has an extreme reaction to gluten. Cutting out gluten isnt a bad thing, however simply due to the fact that you consume gluten-free desserts, it does not suggest theyre much healthier.
For example, from a weight-loss viewpoint (and presuming you dont have coeliac illness), what do you think would be more conducive towards attaining your weight reduction objective.
a) A routine chocolate brownie? Thats 320 calories.b) A gluten-free chocolate brownie? Thats 340 calories.
Ideally, if you read the very first point in this post, youll realise that its calories that matter the most when it pertains to weight-loss, which the lower-calorie brownie would be a better option.
Most likely, no brownie would be a little much better.
Simply kidding. Consume whatever you like, as long as youre in that calorie deficit.
Theres absolutely nothing incorrect with gluten-free desserts, but be sure to examine the calories and active ingredients prior to buying.
Misconception # 3: The power of fat-burning foods

Its probably not the very first time youve been informed or read you should avoid carbs if you desire to drop weight. The web is cluttered with articles that worry the significance of preventing carbs after 6pm and describing how carbs make you fat.
Well, carbohydrates have a bad rep. Carbs are not the enemy– heres why.
Initially, lets look at how you lose weight. All effective weight loss diet plans share one thing in typical:
They create a calorie deficit.
If you eat less calories than your body requirements, your body has no choice however to burn its stored energy for fuel, aka fat. This results in weight loss.
Most of the time, it doesnt matter whether you follow a high-carb diet plan or a low-carb diet plan. As long as you successfully produce a calorie deficit, you will drop weight. Fact.
That said, there are some things to think about when eating carbs.
Carbs can lead to weight gain, however not necessarily fat gain. If you consume too lots of calories, youll just acquire fat. If youre in a calorie deficit but notice the scales increase, its most likely to be water weight.
For each carb you consume, your body holds onto 2-3g of water. So the weight gain on the scales is water, not fat. The other reason for an increase in weight is usually down to increased glycogen, which are carbohydrates stored in your muscles as fuel.
Weight changes throughout the week are frequent, and even if you acquire weight it doesnt suggest the weight youve gotten is body fat.
Rather of letting the scales dictate your mood, focus on the elements you can control, such as developing a calorie deficit and corresponding. If you follow this course, weight reduction is guaranteed.
Side Note: Low carbohydrate diets and carbohydrate cycling can be beneficial, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose, or are at risk of establishing type 2 diabetes Theres nothing incorrect with going low carb, but do not think you cant ever have carbohydrates once again since thats just not real.
Keep in mind: Carbs do not make you fat, eating a lot of calories does.
Misconception # 2: Gluten-free desserts are healthier

In this article, were going to look at 10 of the greatest diet and exercise misconceptions of perpetuity.
And do not worry if youve succumbed to among these yourself– Im not calling you out. It occurs to the very best people.
Rather, my objective is to dispel these diet plan and exercise myths so you avoid future risks, get the outcomes you desire, and have more self-confidence in the decisions youre making to boost your physical fitness, health and body shape.
Myth # 1: Eating carbohydrates suggests you get weight

Would not it be good to go to a supermarket, choose up 20 fat-burning foods and then awaken the next day a stone lighter?
Spoiler: theres no such thing as fat-burning food.
As we found out at the start of this post, weight-loss comes down to calories in vs calories out.
That stated, some foods can be more beneficial when attempting to drop weight. For instance, protein-rich foods such as steak, chicken, and eggs are called thermogenic foods, which implies your body needs to burn additional calories to break them down. Other thermogenic foods consist of:

Youve finished your weights workout and get talking to your good friend for 10 minutes. However then you stress because youve not had your protein shake.
Theres a myth, that still walks around the gyms today, that you require a protein shake directly after your workout. Its incorrect.
Theres no doubt that protein is a crucial active ingredient for changing your body shape and speeding up healing between exercises. That stated, do not worry too much about the post-workout window, but rather the bigger image, i.e. what you consume over 24 hours.
And, for the record, if you simulate a protein shake post-workout, theres nothing wrong with this, however do not stress on the unusual occasions when youve left your shake at home, or have actually lacked protein powder.
Misconception # 6: Lifting weights makes you large

The good news is theres been a substantial shift in the health and physical fitness market over the last 10 years. It utilized to be that men lift heavy weights, and females leap around in lycra, do side leg lifts, and lift lightweight for high reps.
What a load of BS.
We understand that lifting weights does not indicate youll get bulky muscles. Yes, lifting heavy weights can have this impact, however 99.9% of individuals need not stress over this. Building large muscles does not happen over night– you need to have actually been training for a very long time (typically years), and be consuming a lots of food.
Dont fear that raising weights will make you bulky. Its typically the opposite– youll get leaner and more toned. Weightlifting is among the finest (probably the best) things you can do to transform your body shape and improve all elements of physical fitness, from muscle movement, stamina, and tone.
Myth # 7: Cardio is best for weight reduction

As long as you successfully create a calorie deficit, you will lose weight. Carbohydrates can lead to weight gain, but not necessarily fat gain. If youre in a calorie deficit but observe the scales go up, its likely to be water weight.
Your body is made up of 3 primary components: fat, lean body mass (muscle, bone, and organs), and water (60% of body weight).
Weight training is one of the best (perhaps the finest) things you can do to transform your body shape and enhance all parts of physical fitness, from muscle endurance, tone, and movement.

Youve consumed well all week, tracked your calories, trained at the fitness center five days in a row and you get on the scales feeling optimistic. Youve already thought of the numbers revealing a net loss of 2-3lbs.
However you look down, and youve gained 2lbs.
Er, what?
Youve done everything youre supposed to do but youve reversed– how is this reasonable? It can leave you feeling deflated, disappointed, and wishing to throw in the towel.
The fact is your weight will vary. Weight gain does not mean fat gain. Your body is composed of 3 main elements: fat, lean body mass (muscle, bone, and organs), and water (60% of body weight).
There will be days when your body keeps more water, for instance, through hormonal changes with your body, such as the menstrual cycle for females. Nicholas Screeton, a body improvement coach at Lep Fitness, states its not unusual for women to acquire approximately 8-12lbs during a menstruation. Its often only water weight and will disappear as rapidly as it appears.
Misconception # 5: You need to consume protein directly after your exercise

Yes, cardio is a great thing to do. A great cardio session can burn a massive variety of calories, enhance your physical fitness, and leave you feeling elated from the surge of endorphins you get post-workout.
Cardio is necessary, however to say cardio is the best for weight reduction isnt precise.
Lets go back to weight training.
You may not burn as lots of calories in weight training sessions, but the more muscle you can build, the more calories youll burn over 24 hours.
For the finest outcomes, its good to combine a mixture of resistance training with cardio. For example:
Monday: weightsTuesday: cardioWed: weightsThursday: cardioFriday: weightsSaturday: cardioSunday: rest
The above is just an example. You can do fewer days each week or incorporate cardio at the beginning or end of your workouts.
Myth # 8: Ab workouts can get you ripped abs

Green tea
Coconut oil

You see it in gyms all of the time:
Individuals are pounding treadmills, sweating pails, and making all sorts of groaning noises. Theres the popular saying no discomfort, no gain– frequently interpreted as pressing yourself to the limitation during every exercise.
You do not need to suffer in order to lose weight.
If all you were to do is produce a calorie deficit and increase your daily actions, and you did that for the next 3 months, you would lose great deals of weight. Yes, actually– you can slim down without making yourself throw up.
The more aggressive you opt for both your diet plan and exercise, the more you will suffer. Many individuals will go from doing no or little workout to doing 5-7 workouts per week.
They will also go from consuming and drinking anything they like (and typically in high quantities) to then living off chicken salads and less than half of their routine everyday calories.
This is a dish for failure and suffering, however it doesnt need to be by doing this. You can still develop a calorie deficit, however a smaller and more sustainable one (100-200 calories) per day and do it over a more extended period.
The quicker you want results, the more youll need to suffer, and the more likely youll be to fall off track. You will likely run into trouble if you starve your body and go too aggressive with your diet and exercise. The number of times have you attempted an extreme diet, to later fall off the bandwagon and binge?
Remember, weight reduction is a marathon, not a sprint.
Myth # 10: The more you train, the better the outcome

More equals better? And practice makes perfect?
This is not totally true when it pertains to exercising. Your training outcomes and progress will all depend on how quickly you recuperate. Trying to train at 100% effort and every day is a dish for injury, catastrophe, and tiredness.
Instead of looking at frequency alone, its important to examine the following:
Healing: are you fresh for each exercise, or are you going into each session tired, sore, and tired out? Check out these 7 simple suggestions that will speed up your recovery if so.
Performance: are you getting stronger, fitter, improving your associates, speed and time?
Its not a lot about amount however quality. When youve examined those things, you can then make the right choices about how typically you train.

Youre onto a winner if you combine a calorie deficit with thermogenic foods.
Misconception # 4: Weight gain implies body fat gain

Imagine if you could do 100 sit-ups per day for the next 30 days and observe a lot of stomach fat vanishes– wouldnt that be remarkable?
The truth is you might do 1,000 sit-ups per day for the next year (not recommended!) and still not have a flat belly.
Ab workouts are important. A strong core will support your lower back and prevent injury.
That said, the majority of people invest too long training abs thinking theyll lose fat exclusively from their stomach. Im afraid that following superstar ab exercises from magazines isnt going to give you one of the most value.
Instead of doing thirty different slab variations, and hundreds of crunches, you d be better off concentrating on substance workouts that burn lots of calories and develop big muscle groups. For instance:
DeadliftsBench pressSquatsLungesSplit SquatsPull-upsRows
The exercises above (done correctly) will naturally work your core and have a more considerable influence on assisting you to get a leaner midsection.
If you like, you can still include some particular core exercises either at the beginning or end of your workout, however investing more than 5-10 mins on specific ab work is frequently not the most ideal way to spend your time in the health club.
Misconception # 9: You need to suffer to slim down

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