14 Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas For Fitness Fanatics

Scotts book is for everyone who is ill of limiting, dieting, detoxing and complicated weight-loss suggestions.
The book consists of clear, pleasurable and easy-to-follow practices that will help you to get leaner, fitter, more powerful and better without the cravings and heartache.
It exposes all of the fat-loss myths and includes encouraging, scientifically proven methods to make little modifications to your lifestyle for long-term health and sustainable weight-loss.
₤ 10.50.
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Sportstech Adjustable Dumbbells.

Rather of opting for an uninteresting book or dull DVD how about you get a helpful gift that will not only make your friends, family and enjoyed ones smile however will likewise help them get fitter too?
Weve chosen our leading goodies for the fitness center addicts and fitness fanatics to assist you make their 2020 the fittest year yet! Ps this post includes affiliate links.
Physical fitness Dice

No fitness center strategy, no program, little time? No issue! With these fitness dice, you can exercise anywhere.
There are 3 different sets: newbie, intermediate and sophisticated with 30 workouts per set.
Just roll the exercise dice and after that the numbers dice and youve got your very first workout with the number of repeatings you require to carry out.
Cost: ₤ 15.97.
Click on this link to get Fitness Dice on Amazon.co.uk.
Morphy Richards Oval Slow Cooker.

Muscle discomfort and feeling sore after an exercise is not cool! A foam roller is a wonderful little kit to reduce your aches and tightness after a difficult workout.
The technical term for foam rolling is Self Myofascial Release (SMR) and its so reliable since nobody understands much better than you regarding precisely where you are feeling tense, exactly where you require relief and exactly how much pressure you need.
The Fit Nation roller is excellent because the nobbly bits on the roller truly help you work into tense locations, alleviating muscle pain and enhancing your healing.
Expense: ₤ 9.93.
Click on this link to get the Fit Nation Foam Roller on Amazon.co.uk.
Fit Bit Charge 3.
We enjoy FitBits! Theyre definitely our favourite physical fitness gizmo and are idea for anyone who wishes to make weight loss simpler [Related: 5 Reasons Why A FitBit Will Help You Lose Weight] Fitbit now do a substantial variety of products from ₤ 49 all the way approximately ₤ 199.
But we believe without a doubt, among their best items is the Fit Bit Charge 3. It tracks everything that you require: steps, range covered, calories burned, your heart rate and it also has the sleep tracker. It is incredibly flexible, extremely trendy and discreet for a wristband.
₤ 99.99.
Click here to get The Fit Bit Charge 3 on Amazon.co.uk.
Muscle Food Gift Voucher.
More and more people are dumping the supermarket in favour of going online to get their weekly protein-packed meat rations delivered to their doorstep. MuscleFood are among the largest online meat providers in the UK and will deliver whatever from newly butchered steaks, to premium chicken breasts to exotic deals with like ostrich and kangaroo.
Their variety is exceptionally high quality, considerably more affordable than the grocery store and shows up on at your home in around 24 hours! Theyve got a series of vouchers which would make an ideal gift for any protein-loving food lover.
₤ 10 to ₤ 100.
Click on this link to get a coupon on MuscleFood.
Gym Diary.
You need to log it if you want to enhance something!
The Gym Diary is a best present for any gym addict who wishes to keep note of their training programmes and strength increases.
Its set out extremely well, theres room for over 100 exercises and it s handy A6 size indicates it doesnt use up excessive space in a health club bag.
Expense: ₤ 8.99.
Click here to get The Gym Diary on Amazon.co.uk.
Thermos Food Flask.
Dont have access to a microwave at work to heat your lunch? No issue.
This Thermos Food Flask is fantastic!
Its larger than a typical flask, its best for keeping meals piping hot so you can have a yummy, hot meal for lunch rather of a soaked, cold stew.
Food stays hot for hours and the collapsible spoon is a practical addition. Theres practically 2000 reviews for this on Amazon, its a popular one for sure!
Cost: ₤ 19.72.
Click here to get a Thermos Food Flask on Amazon.co.uk.
Bodymax Cast Iron Kettlebell.
If you desire to have a workout in very little area that will get your heart pumping and exercise your entire body, kettlebells are great.
Theyre an essential for anyone who has a house gym or for people who want to train in their own living space.
From 4kg to 32kg there is range of weights appropriate for all abilities.
₤ 12.99 to ₤ 53.99.
Click on this link to get a Kettlebell Amazon.co.uk.
Fat Gripz– The Ultimate Arm Builder.

No health club plan, no program, little time? With these physical fitness dice, you can work out anywhere.
Fitbit now do a big range of items from ₤ 49 all the method up to ₤ 199.
We believe without a doubt, one of their finest items is the Fit Bit Charge 3. It tracks whatever that you require: actions, range covered, calories burned, your heart rate and it likewise has the sleep tracker.

Slow-cookers are changing the way how we cook. Its not surprising that theyre so popular: they slash food prep time, they make cheaper cuts of meat taste delicious and melt in the mouth and theyre cheaper than utilizing an oven.
This sluggish cooker from Morphy Richards is among the top-rated on Amazon and expenses less than ₤ 35 too.
Its ideal for making yummy high protein stews and casseroles is a must-have kitchen device this winter!
Cost: ₤ 34.99.
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Fit Nation Foam Roller.

Attempting to create a gym in the house can be costly and it can require a lot of room!
Dumbbells do not come cheap and you can only actually have a couple of pairs before you start to run out of room. That is unless you get some adjustable dumbbells.
The adjustable dumbbells from Sportstech are an incredible piece of set that have 15 various weights in one dumbbell varying from 5kg to 32kg.
The weight modification system is simple and simple to utilize. It does not matter how small your fitness center space is, you can now enjoy a full series of weights with this ingenious set.
₤ 297.
Click on this link to get Sportstech Dumbbells on Amazon.co.uk.
The Protein Works Gift Voucher.
Available in a range of denominations, these protein packed vouchers can be utilized to acquire any products from the The Protein Works site.
TPW are our favourite supplement company at the minute due to the fact that of their variety of products, price, quality and shipment speed.
From protein powders to multivitamins, these present coupons are the ideal present for anyone who trains or takes supplements.
From ₤ 25– ₤ 100.
Click here to get a coupon on The Protein Works.
TRX Training.
Bodyweight workouts are great for enhancing full body strength and movement.
From push/ pull movements for the upper body to lower body exercises using the feet anchors, suspension training can supply a complete body workout from your own house.
The set can anchor on to doors, poles and trees so you can train in your own living space or exterior in a park too.
Price: ₤ 79.95.
Click here to get a TRX on Amazon.co.uk.
The High Protein Handbook 5.
OK, OK … we might be a little biased on this one so we will just set out the info for you to make your own minds up.
The High Protein Handbook 5 includes: 30 brand new, scrumptious, simple to make high protein dishes; complete nutrition info for each recipe consisting of calories, carbohydrate, fat and protein; A varied mix of chicken, turkey, beef and pork dishes; Beautiful full colour picture for every single meal; A rock strong 30-day cash back assurance; and a barcode on every recipe so you can scan the meal into MyFitnessPal.
Cost: ₤ 9.99.
Click on this link to get The High Protein Handbook 5.

Fat Gripz are an excellent device, loved by gym-rats that help increase arm development and grip strength.
The rubber handles are quickly connected to any set of dumbbells, a barbell or pullup bar and are utilized in fitness centers all over the world.
Favoured by lots of professional athletes and bodybuilders, training with a fat bar is reported to increase muscle activation and enhance strength and size gains.
₤ 26.54.
Click on this link to get Fat Gripz on Amazon.co.uk.
101 Ways To Lose Weight & & Never Find It Again.

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