2020 in review + my goals for 2021

Im sending you a high 5 and a hug if youve made it through this remarkably long post. I d enjoy to hear something that makes you happy when you look back on 2020. Whats something youre planning on performing in 2021?

We balanced our respective work schedules the best we might to take care of ourselves, the kids, and work. Our kids are in a good spot– we had a sensory flare back in February that was completely solved– and we feel like were meticulously optimistic about the upcoming year.
I stopped meditating again, so Ill absolutely bring it back in the new year.

I have some pretty big blog-related objectives for 2021, but my main objective is to continue to provide as much important and practical material as possible. Im working with a company coach in 2021 and shes helping me streamline my processes and sharing her competence for upcoming launches.

I strike Senior Director with Beautycounter this past year, which was among my huge goals for 2020. I enjoy my deal with Beautycounter and our team SO much– its been such a satisfying and pleasurable aspect of my company. I presently have 50 incredible females on our group and I would like to grow that number to 75. We have monthly group calls where we brainstorm and share concepts, and I take pleasure in mentoring everyone who joins us on this objective to share tidy and safer products with those we love. My objective is to strike Executive Director in 2021 with 75 staff member. If youre interested in discovering more, please send me an e-mail (gina@fitnessista.com) and I d love to talk about it! Whether youre searching for a side hustle or a full-time income, youre surrounded by other similar women, cheering you on.
— Every day, I wish to make sure our infants feel cherished and supported so they can really grow. Im constantly making every effort to be the best mom and other half that I can be, and while Im absolutely a work in progress, this is something Im going to continue to concentrate on for the approaching year.
Going forward, Im still not exactly sure about what were going to do about the school situation. Livs schedule is bananas, and the range knowing is relatively involved for moms and dads which end up doing a considerable amount of the mentor in spite of the Google Meets.
Im supposed to enroll P for kindergarten, but I cant fathom dropping her off at school the method things are now. Theres no chance she would let me drop her off at a new school, on the curb, without being able to stroll her in. I may be keeping P home unless things alter. Im likewise thinking about puling Liv out and homeschooling. Since I have to work during the day and hate feeling like Im disregarding them while I work, the school thing has actually been a big stressor for me. I seem like the social advantages of school are so big, however since that aspect is so eliminated right now, it might be worth it simply to keep them house and conserve the higher tuition expenses. Please send them my way if you have any tips on homeschooling + working from home!
— Im crossing my fingers that we have a symphony season next year so I can sing again. Im pretty sure that if I get to sing Messiah at Christmas next year, Ill cry like a weirdo the entire time.
— Home improvements! We have some quite big ones coming our method 2021. Were ripping out the original upstairs carpet and installing wood (we did our master bed room years ago however carpet will be finally be GONE) and a couple other fun jobs that well share later on.
— Cultivating friendships. I used to exercise at a gym with an amazing group of gals, however have not been back considering that February. I d like to be able to make it back and am hoping that regular women nights and little journeys with buddies can be on the program for 2021.
— Read more, hope more, more stretching/yoga, less time on my phone, more organization, more settling back and delighting in the minutes. It seems like the kids have actually currently grown SO quickly, so Im simply attempting to really treasure these times with them. They challenge me and make me laugh each and every single day.

This year absolutely had the potential to take its toll on our relationship. Regardless of the obstacles, this entire experience has made us stronger and more durable as a team. We balanced our respective work schedules the very best we could to take care of ourselves, the kids, and work. Our kids are in a great area– we had a sensory flare back in February that was totally fixed– and we feel like were meticulously positive about the upcoming year.
Some of my goals for the upcoming year: (attempting to keep them subtle due to the fact that who knows what will occur lol).
Continue to focus on the habits that make me feel excellent and keep our family healthy. I stopped practicing meditation once again, so Ill definitely bring it back in the brand-new year.

When I look back on 2020, its an odd juxtaposition of crushing discomfort mixed with pleasure. Moments of joy were over-shadowed with the challenges, so we concentrated on looking after our household. Although there was great unhappiness, there was also growth.

I liked being able to virtually hang out and connect with you, particularly when so numerous of us were alone and chillin at house. Ive taken pleasure in teaching Zoom fitness classes and strategy to do more of these in the brand-new year! I broadened my team and now have an incredible VA who took my inbox from 200,000+ e-mails to 100.
Heath-wise, I really called into the habits that make me feel good. I concentrated on eating more fresh produce and drinking more water, got in motion nearly every single day (even if it was just a brief walk or some movement work), started to emphasize sleep quality (my Oura has actually assisted so much with this!), enjoyed my supplement regimen (working with Ali has actually been such a gamechanger and I feel fantastic), and purchased a number of other health-related products, like periodic Sakara deliveries (my next one will be here today! You can utilize my link for $50 off), and my sauna blanket. I use this about 3x a week for 25-30 minutes and it.is.amazing.
There were certainly more “YOLO” minutes, and I did extra things that brought me a shriveled crumb of delight. I used pajamas way more than genuine clothes and had more makeup-free days than makeup days. I ate a little additional sugar, tortilla chips, and consumed more white wine. I viewed TV. I kept up late and oversleeped. That part has actually been quite dang nice.

The school thing has actually been a big stress factor for me because I have to work throughout the day and hate sensation like Im ignoring them while I work. I utilized to work out at a fitness center with an awesome group of gals, however have not been back given that February.

When I think about this previous year, I feel enthusiastic and even a little proud of myself, and I hope that you do, too. Its a factor to be grateful and I hope you can take a minute today to close your eyes, breathe, and send yourself gratitude for all that youve conquered this year.
With the unhappiness and unknown of 2020, I think we still made the finest of it. Its the most weve ever been together as a household, and I soaked it up. I love having the kids home, and we spent so much time in nature: walking, hiking, and swimming. Both women learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels, and P changed from a kid who was still subjugating the pool in her puddle jumper to a full-up fish. She can dive to the bottom of the pool, do underwater flips, and swim around with confidence. The Pilot took a trip more than ever with his airline company, however compared to previous years, I seem like he existed more.

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