3 steps for goal setting success

This post is sponsored by my friends at HydroJug. These bottles are Convenient and so adorable, and hold half a gallon of water! Get yours here for 10% off with the code fitnessista10.
I discussed this on the blog site earlier this month that for 2021 Im taking it easier on myself on the setting goal front. I believe all of us felt disappointed when things were moved around in 2015, and I actually wanted to decrease internal pressure and set myself up for success.
Its funny since while Im respectable at telling others how to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) objectives, I sometimes drop the ball on completing all of these classifications. Its SO essential to set goals that you can determine, because informing yourself youre going to do “more” or “less” of something isnt incredibly inspiring.
For instance, I told myself I would check out “more” this year, and consume “more” water … without providing myself a particular quantity. When I understood this, I narrowed it down and ended up being more particular: a minimum of 96 oz of water per day and three books (a fiction, a personal development, and one related to health in some capacity) each month.
Ive been overcoming Atomic Habits — Ill share more about what Ive discovered together with the other books Ive read this month!- and the author shares clearcut techniques to encourage great routines and discourage the routines that trigger us harm.
Here are three of these steps, together with how HydroJug has actually made it so easy for me to examine packages and hit my water intake objective.
# 1: Make it obvious

Are you ready to try it out ?? Heres the link and you can utilize the code fitnessista10 for 10% off.
Just how much water do you drink each day?
Thank you a lot to Hydrojug for sponsoring this post and to Kristi Harris for the pictures.

Some more things I like about the HydroJug:
— The bottles are BPA-free, have a wide mouth (easy to include supplements, ice, or fruit to the bottle), and can be cleaned in the dishwasher (!).
— The bottles are unbreakable (thank goodness) and have a leak-proof seal.
— Theres a built-in measurement scale so you can quickly see how numerous ounces youre taking in.
38 billion water bottles end up in US landfills per year. By changing to a reusable bottle, youre making a difference.
— The devices and sleeves! The sleeve makes it so easy to carry– I just swing it over my shoulder like a bag and can take it on long treks or strolls– and they also have straws.

# 2: Make it attractive
A substantial part of making a desired routine appealing is to bundle it with something you like to do. For instance, if you want to do more push-ups, you inform yourself you can enjoy your preferred TELEVISION program after you do the push-ups. It makes you eagerly anticipate the push-ups due to the fact that of the reward to come. For myself, I bundle downing a lot of water with my morning (decaf) coffee routine, which brings me joy. I understand that I can have a hot cup of coffee as quickly as I have some water.
Visually, the bottle is SO dang pretty. They sent me two colors (the light brand-new and pink Beryl color, which is a soft turquoise blue). When I opened the package, I was surprised to see a leopard sleeve -leopard is my favorite color right now haha– that made me even more excited to give it a try.
# 3: Make it simple
Ive constantly known that I tend to slack on water consumption, but the thought of continuously refilling my bottle would stop me from consuming enough. The truth that I only need to fill this bottle twice to hit my objective makes 96oz so much more attainable. Anything that you can do to lower actions on the method to attaining your goals instantly increases your odds for success.

These bottles are Convenient and so adorable, and hold half a gallon of water! Ive always understood that I tend to slack on water intake, but the thought of continuously refilling my bottle would stop me from consuming enough. The fact that I only have to fill this bottle twice to strike my objective makes 96oz so much more attainable. 38 billion water bottles end up in United States land fills per year. By switching to a recyclable bottle, youre making a difference.

An example of this would be to set out your workout clothing so that theyre staring you in the face when you get up. You want to make cues for your great habits to be apparent and visible.
The HydroJug is a giant water bottle so when I see it out of the corner of my eye, it reminds me to take a beverage. When I have it nearby, its a consistent visual tip to hydrate myself.

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