Cecil lost 62 pounds

What inspired you to keep going, even when you desired to give up?My motivation was to end up being healthier psychologically, emotionally, and physically. This was my “me time,” time for me to focus on myself.
My psychological and mental health start to feel better. Then I began to see weight reduction, which ultimately kept me going. I felt accomplished by learning brand-new regimens, exercising longer, not being fatigued so quickly, and so on.
How did you alter your consuming habits?I changed my consuming routines by minimizing the amount of bad carbs I consumed. I will not say I did Keto or Atkins, but I drastically got rid of the amount of carbs I consumed daily. I consumed a lot of salads, however I would change up the garnishes (chicken, steak, turkey, shrimp).
How typically did you work out?My workout routine consists primarily of cardio. I sometimes do weight lifting to add variety.
I begin doing Xtreme Hip Hop 3-4 days a week for 30 minutes. In August 2020, I decided to end up being a Certified Xtreme Hip Hop Instructor. I want to influence, motivate and motivate others.
What was your starting weight? What is your existing weight?My beginning weight in December 2019 was 257 pounds.
What is your height?My height is 5 3 ″.
When did you begin your journey? How long did your change take?My “Aha” minute concerned me at my doctors appt. in December 2019. I recognized I needed to do something, and I had to do it NOW! I began my weight loss journey as a New Year Resolution Jan. 2020. I initially began by focusing on food. I didnt incorporate exercise until April 2020.
Is weight-loss surgery part of your journey?No, weight-loss surgery is not a part of my journey. I did consider having surgical treatment, however I was scared. I figured I would provide myself one more possibility to figure this out before going that path..
What is the biggest lesson youve learned so far?The greatest lesson Ive discovered is, “You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to.” A lot of times, its not about the foods you consume or dont eat. Reducing weight is as much a mental thing as a physical thing..
Ive had problem with anxiety for 10 years, and I think my weight variation had a lot to do with my psychological health. Incorporating exercise seems to assist lower and control my anxiety. So even when I didnt notice the scale moving, I continued because I understood there were other advantages that I was experiencing..
What guidance do you have for females who wish to lose weight?I would say figure out what works for you. Dont compare your journey to anyone elses. Make a strategy and stay with it. There will be hard days however remain focus. Its all about an option. What others (household members) are consuming is not your business, lol.
Instagram: @Mz_C33C33.

Cecil lost 62 pounds by going low carb and exercising. She started her journey in Jan 2020 as a brand-new years resolution since she wished to become healthier psychologically, mentally, and physically. During her transformation, she ended up being a Certified Xtreme Hip Hop Instructor.


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