Changing For The Better

“Of all that is terrific in the human, our most marvelous property is the capacityto change ourselves.”– Eknath Easwaran

But I think that when we actually buckle and focus down we can make modification, such as breaking bad old practices and forging brand-new ones. Often we cant just “white-knuckle” change however might need support system, or techniques like mindfulness, treatment or meditation. Even in severe cases like addiction, people can alter.

Thinkers argue about whether we have free will. The thought that we might not is reasonable since people often act compulsively instead of logically, and then “justify” bad choices afterward. For me this has actually undoubtedly been the case lot of times, for instance when making bad food choices (which are not truly “choices” at all however providing into obsession).

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I think that when we actually concentrate and buckle down we can make change, such as breaking bad old habits and forging brand-new ones. Often we cant simply “white-knuckle” change but might need assistance groups, or strategies like meditation, therapy or mindfulness. Even in severe cases like dependency, individuals can change.

I am a Mechanical Engineer born in 1953, Ph. D, Stanford, 1980. I have had both hips replaced and a heart valve replacement due to a genetic condition.
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February 3, 2021February 2, 2021

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