Chocolate eggs, caviar, and the bird man returns

This is my favorite brunch of the entire year and it was everything I d been missing out on!!! It felt SO great to rest on the patio area and chat with everybody while taking pleasure in Nanas famous egg casserole, hash browns, fruit, and all the desserts.

Sunday was Easter! When they woke up, the Easter bunny made a stop at our house and the girls were pumped.

We had Peeps before 8am and an egg hunt in the yard before heading to brunch at my nanas house.

After brunch, we got back and got things prepared for dinner and the basketball video game at our home. Madre brought over a lot of food (turkey, ham, stuffing, scalloped potatoes, pies) and I contributed artichoke dip with chips, deviled eggs, more desserts, and roasted veggies to choose the feast. It was also Nanis very first time attempting caviar!

Hi good friends! I hope youre having a delighted Monday and I hope that my friends who were celebrating Easter and Passover this weekend had a beautiful holiday.
I normally go through the ladies closets two times a year. I kept putting it off until “Rona was over” since we werent going anywhere and lived in the exact same 5 outfits anyhow, but it required to take place. Its going to feel like a dream when its over.
Supper was incredibly simple: barramundi with lemon garlic sauce (the girls love this! To make the sauce I just heat up about 2 tablespoons of butter and 4 garlic cloves, add a splash of avocado oil, the juice of 1/2 a lemon, and season with salt. I put over the fish after its done cooking), rice, and a sliced salad (spinach, remaining roasted veggies, artichokes, and beets).

She was a bit anxious but I believe she was pleasantly amazed? But when I asked her if she wanted more, she resembled, “Oh no, Im great.” lol
The kiddos all got on the leaping castle and played fetch with Nova (Trevors husky! The sweetest girl), Trevor did another egg hunt for the kiddos, we feasted, enjoyed the bball video game (we lost however I was so pleased with our Cats for making it this far!), and hung out on the patio drinking wine. It was ideal.
Before I go, I wanted to tell you about the Bird Man and his recent undertakings. Some of you may remember the bird condominium that the Pilot build lots of years earlier. He essentially built it out of frustration since a bird was attempting to make a nest on our pillar and kept dropping twigs and random things all over the patio.
He relocated it to the bird apartment, and we crossed our fingers that their moms and dads would be able to discover them. The Pilot has actually been very invested in this entire scenario and is keeping an eye on the child birds.
Have a look at this lil cutie:

Today, I have back-to-back podcast episodes and Liv is on Easter break, so well go out on a little experience together.I hope you have a delighted Monday!
Tell me, good friends: whats your # 1 favorite holiday sweet? Reeses eggs will always be in my top spot.

Before I go, I desired to inform you about the Bird Man and his current undertakings. Some of you may keep in mind the bird condominium that the Pilot construct many years ago. He essentially developed it out of disappointment because a bird was trying to make a nest on our pillar and kept dropping twigs and random things all over the patio area. All spring and summer season, brand-new birds will show up in the apartment, have their children, and move out. Within a day or two, a brand-new mom bird will be in the same area with her nest.

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