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Your NEW Running Workout Calendar is here! Print out the December Calendar for Runners now to join us!
And be sure to follow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram for check-ins to help you remain inspired and responsible. Lets go!!

What you get when you join the December Running Challenge:
1. CALENDAR– with workouts, pointers and pointers
2. RUNNING LOG– to track development & & stay liable
3. Check-ins with Running Coach Monica on IG @RunEatRepeat and on– to keep you on track!

The greatest challenge for the majority of people who want to run– better, much faster, further, etc =is that they fall off the wagon.
Consistency is whatever! This December Running Calendar AND daily check-ins with me will help you stay liable and determined.

Get the Running Calendar and Log by filling out the form on the BOTTOM OF THIS POST


This Running Fitness Calendar Features:.

3 Runs a Week.
2 Strength Training Days.
1 You Choose Day.
1 Rest Day.

And you need to also take additional rest days when your body needs them. This is why its important to use the Running Log to track your workouts.
If you are very aching, exhausted, feel hurt, suspect something feels off you should constantly stop and completely rest and recover prior to continuing. And always see a physician if you feel hurt or ill.
How do I get the December Calendar and Running Log?
, if youre currently on the Run Eat Repeat email list it must be in your inbox.. Examine your spam folder and if its not there either.
Or fill out the form below to get it now!
Runner Resources:.
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—- How to do the Run/ Walk Strategy.
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ALWAYS talk to your doctor before attempting any brand-new diet plan or workout regimen.

Running = There are 3 days scheduled for running on this calendar, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The calendar suggests running between 30 to 60 minutes, however thats up to you. You ought to run the time or distance thats proper for your current fitness, health, injury history and goals.
Examine where you are right now with your cardio physical fitness, your injury history, your overall health and your objectives.
If you are coming off an injury or are new to running– Check with your doctor for clearance before starting anything brand-new.
To determine how much you ought to run– ask yourself these concerns:.

A Running Log can assist you run faster, longer, better and hit your objectives.
Use the Running Log to document your runs and exercises. Write notes that will assist you remain conscious of your development, difficulties and wins. It can consist of things like: a great running route that you want to go back to … running equipment you wore that chafes in certain conditions … a tight location you wish to stretch additional or get a massage to work out … and so on
. And you can use training logs or journals to see what type of workouts help you get faster or run longer … how much mileage your body can take without injury … your physical fitness level at different times in the past and how those compare with your race times … and more.
This will assist you see your development, observe your bodys signals (bad or good) and track your mileage and speed so you have more information to decide if youre all set to run more or run much faster.

There are some body weight exercises on the calendar to get you started. Examine back here weekly. Ill share new exercises every Wednesday this month to offer you more ideas!
* Theres an incredibly enjoyable holiday themed exercise coming soon! *.

Do you need clearance from your doctor before starting a running program? [Always begin there] Have you been running 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes for 3 months recently? If you have not been running frequently or regularly lately you need to begin off slow with a shorter run and think about doing Run/Walk periods.
Whats your objective?

This will help you figure out if you need to concentrate on strolling right now, do run/walk periods or run more.
Running Days Tips:.


Saturdays depend on you. , if youre training for a race– you probably have a long run on the schedule either Saturday or Sunday.. By doing this you can follow together with the calendar and make it work for your training strategy!
If you are new to running or do not wish to run more than 3 days a week– just be active this day.
Things like cleaning, hiking, cycling, dancing, etc– all can be terrific exercise choices.

Running = There are 3 days scheduled for running on this calendar, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The calendar suggests running in between 30 to 60 minutes, but thats up to you. If you have not been running frequently or regularly recently you must begin off sluggish with a much shorter run and think about doing Run/Walk intervals.
Use the Running Log to write down your workouts and runs. It can consist of things like: a terrific running route that you desire to go back to … running equipment you used that chafes in certain conditions … a tight area you want to stretch extra or get a massage to work out … etc

Run/ Walk Intervals or Walking the whole time– is fine. Do what you can.
If your objective is health, weight or physical fitness loss objective for >>>> > > 30 minutes of running or Run/Walk– Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday..
If youre really healthy and a skilled runner– you choose your mileage or time to run based on your present fitness level..
, if youre presently training for a race– you can follow that strategy and utilize this calendar for the strength exercises and suggestion to check in.

New Runner or Returning Runner.
If youre a brand-new runner, coming back after time off or need some versatility in your strategy due to other elements– utilize the Run/ Walk Strategy. Start off with much shorter amounts of time to construct up your endurance. Listen to your body and take breaks or push yourself based upon what your body is feeling.
Note how long you run and how long you stroll (normally in minutes) and how it feels. Utilize the blank areas on the calendar to track your development. When you can run for longer intervals if you want to construct that up, this will offer you extra insight on.

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