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When they feel an injury might be coming on, whats the first thing runners should do.
How do you find out the distinction in between pain you should push through OR recognize as a problem that implies you should stop running?
When you run all your runs at the same rate, why youre putting yourself at danger of injury.
If you can determine a problem thats aching for more than a couple of days– thats an issue..
What do you do if your body aches or injured from running?
The Pain Journal.
The Rapid Recovery Guide.

Doc on the Run Website– lots of information for runners dealing with foot and ankle pain. Plus contact details to deal with him.
Doc on the Run Pain Journal– Podcast, Blog Post and free printable to track your discomfort after an injury. (scroll to get the pain journal on that post).
The Rapid Recovery Journal & & other Courses from Doc on the Run.
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RSSHow do you inform when you may have an injury coming on versus normal training discomfort?– Today Im asking the expert Dr. Christopher Segler from the Doc on the Run podcast to break it down for us!

** Heads Up = My microphone struck the wall around 16:18 so youll observe a distinction in sound. However I advise you to stay with it as the concern after that turn is necessary for all runners– How do we gauge at what point something is an injury versus regular training pain?. **.
Heat up:.
Im going to try and keep the warm up to 5 minutes today considering that the interview is so excellent. But very first I need to caution you– the interview is excellent however about 10 minutes into the chat my really high speed fancy internet decreased. So I needed to change to my phone for the rest of the interview and the audio quality took a success.
Fortunately, Dr Segler in addition to being a runner and doctor is an extremely effective speaker and podcaster– so he kept up it and all the important points are crystal clear..
Lucky Shamrock number 2– because I wasnt using my podcast mic, you probably cant hear Diego full on toss up under my desk in the middle of the call..
I just kept going as if absolutely nothing was occurring since in some cases you got ta stop and barf and then keep going in marathons and life and live podcasting.

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Lucky Shamrock number 3– The Pile on the Miles Challenge was a little various this year. Everyone who wished to join got their option of a Miles Tracker– with 50 miles, 100 miles or 200 miles..
I believe having a really enjoyable and visible way to provide yourself credit for each mile AND that suggestion published up in your house was very practical to keeping you on track. The feedback was amazing and so lots of runners struck or exceeded their goals before the end of the month!.
HUGE Congratulations to everybody who did the Pile on the Miles Challenge this year.
And I have some homework for you– I normally share a free running calendar with recommended runs and workouts. Its all things you can do in the house, running around your neighborhood or on a treadmill..
Considering that both the Calendars and the Miles Tracker seem to be very popular– Im not sure what you d choose if I just did one next year..
Would you choose the Calendar or Miles Tracker ??
Please let me know your vote in either case on the blog post that supports this episode or on todays Instagram post. I actually appreciate it!

Now– its time for the Awards!

Running Calendar vs. Miles Tracker– Thoughts?

Last year I broke the 2nd metatarsal in my left foot and could not run– I was devastated, extremely stressed out and felt really alone because running is my primary social activity. My physician generally just stated– dont run for 6 to 8 weeks. K. Bye..
Fortunately I found the Doc on the Run Podcast around that time and it provided me a lot hope and suggestions on healing. And today Im talking to the host, Dr. Christopher Segler, a foot and ankle surgeon and devoted runner– so he really gets it..
I still listen to his show because he shares very useful suggestions and pointers on how not to get injured, how to construct back up and straight talk that runners require to hear– specifically skilled runners who dont wish to rest or recuperate like they should.
However before we overtake him– we require to start with a heat up!

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Now lets talk to Doctor Christopher Segler!

Thats the surface line for today. Thank you for listening.
Thats it for today. Thank you a lot for listening..
Have a great run!
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If You Feel An Injury Coming On and How to Bounce Back from a Running Injury, what You Should Do.

You can get the Pain Journal, the Rapid Recovery Guide and numerous other courses to assist you avoid a running injury and keep going on the Doc on the Run website.
I hope that was interesting and helpful! Ill put links to his site where you can get the Pain Journal, Rapid Recovery Guide and check out the other resources in todays program notes on
Resources & & Contact Info for Doc on the Run:.

Dr. Christopher Segler is a foot and ankle cosmetic surgeon based out of San Francisco, California..
His primary focus is helping hurt runners continue running while they recover. He serves on the Board of Medical Advisors of the International Foot & & Ankle Foundation for Education and Research. He also literally wrote the book on Runners Heel Pain.
And what you most likely want to know for todays show … Dr. Segler is a genuine runner. He is an ultra-marathoner, a 15-time Ironman Triathlon finisher and has been ranked as an Ironman All World Athlete. He has actually also completed in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
Ill put links to his website where you can call him for additional information in the program keeps in mind at Run Eat
” If youre a runner– you need to place on a great deal of miles, thats a great deal of abuse. Your coach ought to keep you simply listed below your limit for injury all the time.”.
Knowing your body and what to do if something feels off is so important. This episode isnt for hurt runners– its for all runners. Know your body, use a running journal and focus so you can run stronger and faster.
Doc on the Run Interview Notes:.

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Last year I broke the 2nd metatarsal in my left foot and couldnt run– I was devastated, really stressed and felt very alone since running is my primary social activity. My doctor basically simply said– dont run for 6 to 8 weeks. His primary focus is helping injured runners continue running while they recover. Know your body, utilize a running journal and pay attention so you can run more powerful and quicker.

— Today Im asking the specialist Dr. Christopher Segler from the Doc on the Run podcast to break it down for us!

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