Doctors Said This Would Not Happen

03 Feb

. Medical professionals Said This Would Not HappenPosted at 09:24 h in Motivation by Natalie JillDoctors Said This Would Not Happen … I was told I would never ever do my rings again … GLAD I DID NOT LISTEN! Im back! False assumed facts are real … DO NOT LISTEN. Determination is everythingIf youve understood me more than a couple of years, you understand that rings were my JAM! I was always publishing ring work. In 2015 I had a lot of accidents. Distal bicep tear, burst disc, damaged foot. 2 surgical treatments, and after that great deals of “you are too old accept it” and I say talk to the hand.Excuses only stop is if we let them!DANG I missed my rings! And to each and every single doctor they told me to ACCEPT IT Im aging and hurt … nope- never … Im back!Thank you to those in alternative medicine and training who welcomed my determination and alternative ways … we are never too old and its not far too late … I am back. It might not be as expensive and smooth as years ago … but I am just getting started!What worked to make this possible?Focussing on the VISION not the existing circumstancesEating anti-inflammatory nourishing and healing foodsDoing what I could with what I could from where I wasFocussing on the work arounds and the solutions not the problemThe supplements I utilized! Specifically Collagen!XO, Natalie JillComments.

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