Faith lost 37 pounds

What inspired you to keep going, even when you desired to give up?First, I want to state that I have been on every diet plan possible, lol. I started 2020 extremely optimistic about reaching another weight loss goal. I did not understand how to manage the psychological rollercoaster that came with restricted motion.
In July, I got to my highest weight of 253 pounds and 52% body fat. I needed to discover a solution. I was sick of being on a diet, feeling denied, and like my efforts were severe. I took my before pictures and prayed that something would release me from this cycle. A buddy recommended I read The Obesity Code by Dr. Fung, whichs when I had an aha moment! I continued to find out more about fasting and the scientific research study behind fasting, and I was sold..
Now, Ive settled in a routine that works for my lifestyle. Every time I believe about giving up, I remember the feeling of slimming down through extreme methods and getting all of it back. I am liberated!
How did you change your consuming habits?I started fasting for 12 hours. I switched to 14 hours, 16 hours, and then 20 hrs a day. Every time my muscle memory improved, and I found fasting much easier. It took a few weeks for my appetite modification to start. I drank coffee, electrolytes in my water and stayed hectic throughout my fasts. I kept sugar and carbs at a minimum in the starting so my body could adapt to glucose for energy. Presently, I do not have any diet plan limitations

Think in your strength..
Do not concentrate on an amount of time to achieve your goals..
Make changes slowly..
Discover a strategy that is sustainable for your way of life..
Eliminate your scale.

< What did your exercise routine include? How typically did you work out?I exercise every early morning, other than on weekends. I do YouTube cardio exercises and raise lightweight in my living room. Exercise is important to my mental wellbeing. What was your beginning weight? What is your present weight?My starting weight was 252 pounds, and today sit at 215 pounds. I am most happy with the belly fat that Ive lost. What is your height? 5 6 ″. Is weight reduction surgery part of your journey?No. What is the most significant lesson youve found out so far?Fasting has allowed me the freedom to eat the foods I like without feeling deprived. I have the ability to manage my cravings naturally.. What guidance do you have for females who wish to reduce weight? Instagram: @fitfab254. Faith lost 37 pounds. She was tired of the cycle of dieting, feeling denied, and gaining back weight.

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