February 2021: Change Your Mindset Challenge

“Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.”
Weve all heard this saying, however how does it figure into weight reduction? Your state of mind, your mindset, is extremely essential when it pertains to attaining long lasting success. Cravings, inspiration, tension eating, self-esteem, your desire to exercise … its all connected to your idea life.
Difficulty Goal: The objective of this months difficulty is to get you to go beyond focusing on food and workout. You need to adopt the right state of mind to be successful. The enjoyable begins on February 1st.
Oftentimes, we begin a new or restart our weight loss journey without first doing some really important work: The work of figuring out what aspects and practices got us to where we are and finding out what our real, long term objectives are. That work requires that we put in the time to investigate our existing idea patterns so that we can produce brand-new ones.
How Can You Join Us?

This is a FREE difficulty. No signup needed.
For this obstacle, Youll require a journal/notebook and a piece of poster board for your vision board. You may likewise desire some post-it notes to post tips in your house, workplace, etc
. Do Something About It Daily– Read the Daily Task List and download the list (below).
Check-in Every Night at 6:30 pm– Visit our Facebook Page or our Instagram each night. Join our everyday check-in for accountability by leaving a comment under the check-in post. Share the insights youve made, how your day is going, etc. We are all in this together and we wish to hear from you.
Share your 21-Day journey with the world through social networks. Utilize the obstacle hashtag: #BWLWFeb

Leave a comment listed below and let us understand you are on board for this difficulty!

Together with the day-to-day jobs listed below, we recommend you accept these practices …

Click here to download this month sPrintable Checklist (PDF file).

Replace criticism with self-care and self-awareness — Vow to stop beating yourself up about the way you look or what you eat for the full 21 Days.
Commit to exercising for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.– Do what works for you, from strolling to high strength period training.
Dedicate to limiting junk food, fast food and highly processed food to just one day a week.– Take the time to list the foods that you need to cut back on/cut out on paper.

Daily Tasks– February 1– 21st, 2021
Day 1Clarify your Big Why?– It is time to be genuine with yourself about what is driving you to make a change. Take some time to write down the reasons that are most crucial to you in a notebook or journal.
Day 2 Create clear, quantifiable, realistic goals. : “I will lose an overall of 75 pounds.” vs. “I will lose 20 pounds in the next 3 months.” The 2nd goal is more particular. “I will eat healthy.” vs. “I will develop a 1500 calorie a day meal strategy focused on low carb meals.” Specifics matter. Being useful matters as well. Weight reduction does not occur overnight. That can be very preventing if your objectives are impractical and you dont reach them. Record your goals in your note pad.
Day 3 Why are you worth it? This journey takes energy, sacrifice, time, money and more. You are worth it, and you truly should accept that principle, particularly if the requirements of others might possibly cloud your point of view and cause you to lose focus. Make a list of the reasons why you are worth all the effort and dedication required to alter your life. Know your worth. Know your value.
Day 4Visualize Your Goals Part 1: Today, You will begin choosing images for a vision board that shows your objectives. Weight-loss, physical fitness, consuming routines, health, etc. You can print or utilize magazines out images that you find online.
Day 5Visualize Your Goals Part 2: Take out that poster board and create your vision board tonight. Dont put limits on what you can accomplish and do not stress over being too out of package. Take an image and share your vision board with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Include our hashtag #BWLWFeb so that we can find you.
Day 6What is your present relationship with food? Take some time to write down who food has been for you in your notebook.
Day 7Accept that you are a unbelievable and stunning individual. Take 5 minutes in front of the mirror and discover a minimum of something that you like about yourself. Make a list in your note pad of all the things you love about yourself and all the ways you are a terrific person. If youve built up a lot of self-hate, this might be difficult. If you end up being psychological, its ok. Feel what you need to learn and feel from your feelings in the moment.
Day 8Replace Hindering Thoughts with Uplifting Thoughts: Make a list of a minimum of 7 thoughts that are impeding you or holding you back. Examples;

Day 9Reach out for assistance: Call somebody you enjoy and ask them to support you on your weight loss journey. Call somebody who wont react to your desiring to lose weight with fear, judgment, or jealousy.
I got this concept from the videos that appear at the end of episodes of Extreme Weight Loss. At the end of the episode, you would see the exact same person listening to that video footage after theyve lost the weight.
In this letter, tell yourself why you are making this lifestyle change and how you presently feel about where you now are in life. (At the end of the letter, add “PS: Remember to email info@blackwomenlosingweight.com and tell them that youve reached your goal.”).
Day 11Investigate Your Triggers Part 1: What, aside from cravings, makes you desire to consume? Take a while to document the triggers that motivate you to consume when you are not starving. Individuals, scenarios, feelings, and so on
. Day 12Investigate Your Triggers Part 2: How can you act to secure against eating when you are not starving? Make a list of the actions and new routines you can embrace to prevent psychological and tension consuming. Dedicate to a minimum of 2 of those actions for the rest of the challenge.
Day 13Healing Past Pain and Forgiveness: Do you have problems around painful memories in your past? These issues can turn into food triggers and lead to unhealthy practices, like binging. You will likewise think about whether you need counseling or therapy.
Day 14Mindful Eating: Research the idea of Mindful Eating and jot down a definition you like. Write down 3 methods you can use this principle to your life.
Take some time today to get your hair done. Get your picture taken expertly or take a well-planned selfie (with an incredible background). Visit our FB page and tell us what makes you feel gorgeous.
Day 16Do something relaxing that is all about YOU: Sleep in late. Get a manicure or pedicure. Invest a few hours with a terrific book while sipping your preferred tea. Do something creative, like knitting or crafting. If you know what I mean, do Nothing …. Your option! Do whatever assists you to unwind. For a couple of hours today, its all about you. You have to take time on your own.
Make a list in your notebook. Take some time to tape the methods that you are blessed. Reflect on this list when you are feeling down or when you are in need of motivation.
Day 18Positive Affirmations: Create a list of positive affirmations that can influence you to keep going when times get difficult. Commit at least 2 of them to memory and repeat them to yourself throughout the rough times.
Day 19Take Stock of Where You Are In Life Right Now: Yes, we require to concentrate on our weight and our health but, in some cases we can become so focused that we dont give time to a few of the other locations of our lives that require work. Think of your profession, your household, your spiritual life and other things or circumstances that impact your happiness. Where do you require to put your energy? Exist circumstances or people that are taking too much of your time and energy? Make a plan to adjust and make some modifications. Make a list of your concerns in your journal/notebook.
Day 20Create a Daily or Weekly Healing Ritual: Set aside time weekly or everyday to focus on healing your mind, body, and soul. You might even include yoga, dance or other forms of motion into this time. Day 21Music can affect your Mindset: Create a favorable vibes playlist and a workout motivation playlist.
Thank you so much for joining our February 2021 Challenge!
< " I require to drop weight to get vengeance on my Ex." vs. "Im dropping weight to improve my health." " Everytime I try to drop weight, I stop working." vs. "I have actually discovered a lot in the past and this time I will accomplish lasting outcomes." " Im on a diet plan." vs. "Im making the effort to develop a new, healthy way of life that will benefit me for several years to come." " I dont understand where to begin." vs. "Im prepared to do my research study, educate myself, and use experimentation to figure out what works for me."

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