Having a Baby with Colic

In general he is trending in a better direction. He has less periods of extreme sobbing and more ability to de intensify. But Christmas Eve was a low point. We were at my moms and dads and didnt have the valuable medicine ball, so when he began to get upset, he couldnt stop. We tried strolling, running, leaping, rocking, but absolutely nothing might relax him so we needed to leave early and the heartbreaking trip house with one child shouting and the other obstructing his ears and quietly singing to himself was a low point in this parenting experience.

It may be a bit easier if we werent also attempting to care for and engage with a two-year-old, or if we werent in a pandemic where no one can really come over and help or just sidetrack us from the sobbing, however hey, nobody stated it would be easy. If nothing else, it brings Daniel and me even closer.

Were still hanging in there, living fiercely in the present moment, one moment at a time, and not planning ahead because that only produces stress and anxiety. Were tired. In some cases it feels like my body is draining adrenaline and cortisol continuously. I have had some extremely low minutes where I really feel incapable of being a mother in this scenario, a minimum of the kind of mama I wish to be. I wish I had limitless persistence and compassion however there are times where I simply cant take the shrieking anymore and hand him off to Daniel and head to the basement and cry. But as bad as it is, Im not hopeless. I believe things are enhancing. Its the gift of the 2nd kid: understanding that nothing lasts permanently. And listen, theres still a whole lotta pleasure around here. This is what it is to be a moms and dad. I will do anything– whatever– for these small, unbelievably lovable beings we made, even if that implies I lose sleep and many, many brain cells at the same time:-RRB-.


Daniel and I are basically passing him back and forth in between us, holding him and bouncing him for nearly all of his sleep since if we dont (and weve attempted), he will sob to apparently no end. Daniel takes the first shift of the night, up until 3am, and then I get up with him. On a great day, Levi will do one period of sleep of 2-3 hours at the beginning of the night, which is an improvement from a month ago.

We altered formulas, to something gentler. It took half a week– possibly more– to work, however slowly he stopped tossing up. He appeared to be in less pain after he consumed. But the sobbing didnt stop. We went to the medical professional for his one month well check out. We like our pediatrician. Shes been our medical professional for the previous two years with James. And when Daniel informed her all that was occurring with Levi she nodded, understanding, and said, “It sounds to me like timeless colic.”

The one thing that seems to help is bouncing him on the workout ball. He still might fuss and weep a little however the shouting normally stops.

No, nooo, I d say, not even close. Levi– Levi didnt even open his eyes for the first two days. He didnt even weep in the vehicle, like James always had. If nothing else, it brings Daniel and me even better. I will do anything– whatever– for these small, amazingly lovable beings we made, even if that indicates I lose sleep and numerous, many brain cells in the procedure:-RRB-.

It was like he desired absolutely nothing more than to sleep however he just could not bring himself to do it. Suddenly he might not sleep unless he was in our arms, which wasnt that out of the standard for us, given that James desired to be held, too. He began weeping frantically, sad for many of the day, every day.

I cant inform you the number of times I found myself, at 3am, googling, “How to tell if my infant has colic.” In my household, colic is spoken about like a living problem, like an illness you pray you dont get. My brother was colicky. My niece, too. This cousin, that cousin, so-and-sos siss child. Colic is what I feared.

For a week I d asked Daniel consistently, “What if he has something incorrect? It was simply a challenge that we d make it through. She told us it tends to last 3 or 4 months, that it typically peaks at 6 weeks, that there are a lot of things people will suggest trying, but from her experience, sometimes babies just, well, cry for 3 … maybe 6 … months.

As it turns out, colic is a living nightmare. Thats the way it feels. Its impossible to imagine how demanding it lacks experiencing it, and I know that now. The shrieking and sobbing, the helpless sensation of not having the ability to relieve your precious tiny baby, the 24 hours a day of it and not knowing if or when it will end … its difficult. Its isolating. Ive talked with other mamas who have been identified as having PTSD after going through particularly bad colic, and I can understand why.

We began giving him a probiotic and these colic drops that stain everything I own. I have found that everything I own is light colored. I dont understand if either works due to the fact that hes still sobbing, but something they do do, is make me seem like Im attempting. And thats something.

For the very first 2 weeks of Levis life, Daniel and I looked at each other, shook our heads in shock, and said, “Now THIS is a simple child.” When James was a newborn, we remembered how hard it was. He was perfect in every way and we liked him like crazy … but he never ever slept. I remember family and friends would visit and ask, “So is he just sleeping round the clock?” No, nooo, I d state, not even close. James came out of the birth canal large awake and prepared to see the sites of life. Levi– Levi didnt even open his eyes for the first two days. He didnt hassle, didnt appear to need much at all– he simply slept. He didnt even weep in the cars and truck, like James constantly had. Daniel and I were so surprised, so happily, happily amazed. Alleviated even! By the time he was a week and a half, still a drowsy little lamb, we actually thought we had it made in the shade. Sure he projectile threw up every day, but his brother spit up all the time, too, and similar to any sign you google, it might be regular (or an immediate medical emergency situation … but most likely normal …). And after that.

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