How “Eating Smarter” Can Transform Your Life with Shawn Stevenson

04 Jan

. How “Eating Smarter” Can Transform Your Life with Shawn StevensonPosted at 04:00 h in Podcast by Natalie JillHow “Eating Smarter” Can Transform Your Life with Shawn StevensonMeet Shawn Stevenson! AKA The Model Health Show, who is included as the number # 1 health podcast in the U.S. with countless listener downloads each year!He is my FIRST visitor to be a repeat! We shared his original story in 2015 here! If you have actually not listened to that episode you may desire to check that a person out too (I will be linking it in the show notes) I spoke with Shawn again today as his new book “Eat Smarter” is SO timely for what is happening in our world right nowShawns vision is to take folks behind the scenes and teach them not just HOW their metabolic process in fact works however more significantly, how food affects our lives in so many areas: mentally, quality of our sleep, immunity and even our cognitive behaviorsJoin in today and learn EXACTLY how “eat smarter” levels us up!On this episode, you will learn: Why we require to be discussing our immune systemsHow to use food to sustain your lifeHow you can live a better life by beginning with what you eatMake sure to take a look at the last time Shawn was on Leveling Up! PS. Like Leveling up? Leave us a sincere review (an excellent one I hope!) and get my FREE DSR Journal provided to your inbox HERE!Comments.

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