How To Diet Effectively For Weight Loss

Apart from the workout and the diet plan strategy, there are particular rules that you have to abide in order to optimize your weight loss results.
Stick to them and I guarantee you would discover the difference in your body in this 1 month. These so called guidelines are really Lifestyle changes one requires to generate life in the very best interest of Health.
Lets start–.
How To Diet Effectively For Weight Loss.

Use complete fat milk to prepare curd and paneer. Only homemade curd and paneer alllowed.

No salt after 8 pm/dinner. If you are hungry post dinner, have a cup of warm milk.

Do not avoid your pre exercise and post exercise meals, no matter whatttt!

Have Green tea two times a day. I am not setting a time for it, have it at your own convenience.

NO sugar in tea/coffee. Preferably tea and coffee must not be permitted however i do not want you or me to be frustrated:P. Use Stevia– details here if you desire sweet tea.

Prevent sweet fruits, implying those rich in sugar. Eg. Mango.

No alcohol. You do not require alcohol to be high up on life.

Part control is incredibly essential. 1 roti/ 1 cup prepared rice together with other items like salad, curd, vegetable and daal need to be adequate. If you are still hungry, wait on sometime and indulge again on a healthy treat.

No smoking cigarettes. Light a candle and burn your cigarette packages! Period.

Do not miss your workout. Walk compulsorily for an hour or 5 kms whichever is more if you are not working out.

Take stairs, please avoid lift for the time being.

If you understand you would feel very starving in two hours, eat after an hour. When you are starving, you lose your sense of selecting what to eat! You would eat whatever comes your way.

No cookies, biscuits, chips, maggi. No factory made things!

Use minimum oil in cooking. You can have 1 tsp of ghee daily. Include ghee in cooked daal or veggies.

No soft beverages, not even diet beverages.

Prevent starchy foods like potato.

If you are a veggie( read no eggs), make sure that you get adequate protein from channa, paneer, soy and so on. I insist that you must begin taking a protein supplement for much better fat loss.

If you are working out, you would discover that 1 litre water is consumed in the health club itself. Its not hard to consume 2 litres of water in the whole day.

Find out to state No, its not that bad a word!

If you crave for sweet, eat an orange or date. They assist to suppress sweet yearnings. Read here.

If you understand you would feel exceptionally hungry in 2 hours, consume after an hour. When you are starving, you lose your sense of selecting what to eat! If you crave for sweet, eat an orange or date. Do not think about weight loss all the time. If you eat right, weight loss will take place immediately.

Log your meals and exercise. You can utilize a mobile or web application like this.

Do not weigh/measure yourself daily.

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You can cheat/eat out when a week. Just pick your meal sensibly, check out the suggestions here.If possible, prevent supper eat-outs. Have early dinner if you cant.

Do not consider weight-loss all the time. Chill! If you eat right, weight-loss will take place instantly.

If you have missed the IWB Challenge, please discover Diet Plans here and here, workout plan here and satisfy our fitness specialist here.
All the Besht.
Your partner in your weight-loss– Tarun.
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