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Hey everyone
Today I am going to discuss my journey of “blessed with the healthy regular body– sickly thin– gradually getting normal weight”. Let me provide a short intro about my physique and height. I stand at 5 7″ and throughout my 12th std, I utilized to weigh around 51 kgs. Chubby cheeks, 28 waist, typical consuming habits, no workouts. Then begun college, and with it came along erratic lecture timings, avoiding breakfast became a routine and I started eating unhealthy junk food and began dropping weight. I keep in mind eating just one masala dosa till 4 o clock. My buddies started stating how I am looking leaner and my cheekbones are so well specified now. My waist size reduced to 26, I was looking leaner and umm better. Then that din stop at that I started losing weight and hair at an alarming rate. Soon those cheeks became hollow and oh so cute dimples started looking unfathomable to be cute:-LRB-. My weight throughout my final year was 40 kgs and my waist size 23. Shudder !!
Root causes of reducing weight:

Typically increased TSH count suggests weight gain, postponed periods, in brief, all the opposite symptoms. I began with biotin and iron supplements. I purposely began eating healthy and now after 1 year, I weigh 49 kgs and those dimples are oh so cute again !! Yes, I am vain.
My diet professional asked me to eat at routine intervals. She made an extremely scary looking diet chart, which I made sure I will not follow. I tweaked a little and now I have my own healthy diet strategy
My everyday routine:.
7:00 am wake up–.
Getting up a little early helps a lot. Refresh up! Drink a glass of water. And after that I go to the balcony for some fresh air and light stretching. Sometimes I do yoga (standard Pranayam and Bhramari) or I simply do some jogging/ vigorous walking for 15 mins. When I am not in a state of mind to do any such thing then I simply put on some music and do some energetic dancing.
one small plate Poha together with cheese sandwich or idli and a bowl of fruit or Alloo Parantha with yoghurt followed by a cup of tea.
11 am- fruit time.
( Apple, banana or pear) and my protein shake. Amway protein powder is one thing that has seriously assisted me a lot. I have actually attempted numerous protein powders and biscuits, however this one wins hands down. I hate its taste with milk. I mix it with juice and gulp it down. It keeps me full however at the very same time doesnt eliminate my desire for lunch.
2 pm: Lunch-.
( Chapati, curry, salad and some sweet) Yes eating something sweet helps put on weight. I enjoy Motichur laddu. yum!
6 pm:.
That is when I get home from work. I binge on Maggi or besan chilla or something hot and spicy with my evening cup of tea.
9 pm: Dinner-.
Supper comprises of one huge bowl of dal and 2 chapatis in addition to whatever sabzi mummy has actually made.
Lets say I am tired of fruits then I begin with dry fruits. At times I have sinful tacky sandwiches for my evening treat and avoid supper. I always make sure I am eating at routine intervals and I am always energetic.
One kilo gain equates to one lipstick. That certainly assisted a LOT.
I am all ears to hear your stories also! Do share!!
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My body was offering me signals for a long, however I didnt pay much attention. My rich hair started deserting my scalp; my typical radiant skin became stretchy and dry. My calf muscles utilized to ache a lot and there were regular cramps. My durations became irregular; envision friends in every 15 days. My resistance system went haywire. Every few days I used to get the influenza. I believed of taking charge of the scenario, started with light extending exercises and Alloo Ke Paranthe for breakfast. I even started eating a banana as my mid-day treat. I continued this “I am on a severe weight gain mission diet plan” for around 2 months with absolutely no outcomes.
Left Pic– Before, Right Pic– After.

Begun college, and with it came along irregular lecture timings, skipping breakfast became a routine and I started eating unhealthy scrap food and began losing weight. Then that din stop at that I started losing weight and hair at a worrying rate. Really quickly those cheeks ended up being hollow and oh so cute dimples started looking too deep to be cute:-LRB-. I even began eating a banana as my mid-day snack. I knowingly began eating healthy and now after 1 year, I weigh 49 kgs and those dimples are oh so cute again !! Yes, I am vain.

Avoiding breakfast. It was my biggest mistake.
Remaining starving for hours at a stretch.
Suppressing hunger by drinking water.
No exercises.
Not CARING that I am looking like a nearly bald ghost.:O.

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