It’s National Picnic Day! 5 Tips to Plan a Diet-Friendly Backyard Picnic

Celebrate National Picnic Day with an enjoyable yard cookout! Now is the perfect time to prepare for a spring or summer season picnic. Keep things healthy and diet-friendly with our easy guide. Here are 5 fun ways to enjoy yard picnic food and still slim down:

1. Load some veggies on that grill.

Forget the mayonnaise-laden potato salad, pasta salad and coleslaw that crowd every summertime picnic table throughout the land. Theyre as ho-hum as they are fattening. Rather, concentrate on some of the farm fresh produce thats readily available this time of year.
Think about replacing slaw with a Zesty Cucumber and Dill Salad that takes minutes to prepare and can being in the refrigerator for hours, just getting increasingly more savory the longer it marinades! You also do not need to nix slaw completely from the menu– simply spruce up a cabbage-carrot blend with a dressing of low-sodium soy sauce, rice vinegar and peanut butter. This Spicy Peanut Slaw dish provides one PowerFuel and two Vegetables to your day-to-day count.
Broccoli, bell pepper strips and cherry tomatoes turn a simple Creamy Pasta Salad (mixed with nonfat Greek yogurt rather of mayo) into a work of art. Plus, it clocks in at just 228 calories per serving, even with the sliced turkey bacon included for crunch and protein. One serving counts as one SmartCarb, one PowerFuel and one Vegetable.
You also dont need to eliminate potato salad if you make it the Nutrisystem way, utilizing lowered fat mayo, nonfat Greek yogurt and even a piquant vinaigrette. Believe outside the summertime picnic basket too: Eliminate half of the potatoes from the recipe and mix in turnips, cauliflower or parsnips. Include enjoyable and flavorful active ingredients like dill, green onions, chives or capers. Then throw in some of your favorite veggies, like fresh peas, bell peppers or radishes for a flavorful bite. Make a much healthier potato salad for your summer season picnic with these 5 ideas. >>.
3. Add Nutrisystem foods to the mix.

Even veggie haters find grilled veggies to be irresistible. Thats most likely because this specific cooking method brings out their intrinsic sweet taste. Slice some onions, zucchini, eggplant, carrots and even cabbage “steaks,” then barbecues them up as a healthy side.
To keep your meal diet-friendly, load up half of your plate with veggies. Trending now: the carrot “hot dog.” Prepare entire carrots on the grill and serve them on a whole wheat frankfurter bun with all the dealings with. You can likewise utilize veggies in another way: in some grilled vegetable recipes, veggies are layered between cubes of chicken, a company fish like tuna or swordfish, shellfish such as shrimp and even lean beef. Veggie kebabs can help you keep your meal well balanced between greater calorie protein and lower calorie veggies with a fiber-friendly twist.
Take a look at these seven foods that taste much better on the grill! >>.
2. Make sides that are the star of the meal.

How great would your Nutrisystem Classic Hamburger or Grilled Chicken Sandwich taste if you made it on the grill? Yes. THAT great. End your picnic meal with a Nutrisystem Ice Cream Sandwich or, as simply about everybody does, with smores. Well, with our own Smores Pie made with a graham cracker crust, ooey gooey marshmallow and genuine melted chocolate tucked within. Mmmmm– and its just 140 calories!

4. Plan active yard fun and video games.

Work out off any excess calories from your summer picnic by planning outdoor activities for old and young. Kids arent the only ones who can take pleasure in yard games like tag, freeze tag or dodge ball, particularly if you integrate water balloons into the fun. You can even do a riff on the egg-and-spoon relay race with filled water balloons and a wood spoon.
5. Hydrate sensibly.

While you can constantly rely on light beer and red wine coolers to conserve some calories, do not forget that research studies have actually shown that alcohol can promote the appetite center of your brain and make you consume more, states the United Kingdom National Health Service.
You can likewise whip up some tasty and satisfying “mocktails” that will wow your visitors. Its just 55 calories per serving and counts as one SmartCarb on Nutrisystem. >.
Avoiding alcohol at your backyard picnic can assist you avoid unneeded calories. You can still enjoy alcohol in moderation on your Nutrisystem program.
Be sure to explore The Leaf for more suggestions to enjoy this summertime season with friends and family, consisting of professional physical fitness and nutrition suggestions as well as scrumptious seasonal dishes for your weight-loss journey!

Commemorate National Picnic Day with a fun yard cookout! Here are five fun methods to delight in yard picnic food and still lose weight:

Forget the mayonnaise-laden potato salad, pasta salad and coleslaw that crowd every summertime picnic table throughout the land. Exercise off any excess calories from your summer season picnic by planning outdoor activities for young and old. Preventing alcohol at your yard picnic can help you avoid unnecessary calories.

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