IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Workout Plan Week 2 Part 1

Hi ladies!
Here we begin the workout strategy for the second week.
Today we will be doing a bit of strength training too together with our HIIT and cardio. This will make certain that you are able to maintain your muscle mass thereby improving your metabolic process and thus burning more fat.
Given that this involves training for strength, I would advise all of you to buy a set of dumbbells in case you can not make it to the fitness center. If you have actually currently signed up with a fitness center or desire to do it at house, this strategy works equally well.
This exercise generally targets your overall upper body making it shapely and toned.

Day 1

Chest stretch: 30 seconds, 2 times
Shoulder stretch: 10 seconds each direction (forward and backward).
Bicep stretch: 10 seconds, twice.
Backstretch: 15 seconds, two times.
Tricep stretch: 15 seconds, twice.

This circuit needs to be continued a total of 4 times, with 45 seconds rest between each set and 2 minutes of rest between each circuit.
For this workout plan, the extending exercises will be the pre both very same and post-workout.
Try to do couple of reps of these workouts in front of a mirror so that you understand whether your form is right. Let me know your feedback.
In my next post, we will be doing total lower body exercises, completing the entire body conditioning by end of the week.
Stay strong!
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Jumping jacks: 60 associates, 30 seconds rest.
Lateral hops: 60 associates, 30 seconds rest.
Pushups( regular or on knees): 8 reps.


One-arm dumbbell row:- 15 representatives each side, for this movement, if you can not discover a bench, you could do it as revealed here.
Pushups: 6 reps.
Standing dumbbell press: 15 reps.
Bicep curl: 12 reps each arm.
Standing one arm tricep extension: 15 associates each arm.

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