Janea lost 35 pounds

What inspired you to keep going, even when you desired to give up?After an extremely tough pregnancy with my child and losing my grandpa, I acquired 30 pounds. I lost an overall of 35 pounds through intermittent fasting, diet, and exercise!
What inspired me to keep going even when I wished to give up was my health! In the past, I would wake every day feeling sluggish. I had consistent headaches and queasiness..
How did you alter your consuming habits?I went to my doctor, who informed me to eliminate dairy, wheat, soy, etc. (generally the top 8 allergens). I began my journey with The Whole 30 plan in September 2018. I lost 17 pounds! After finishing The Whole 30, I continued to eat 90-95% Whole 30! I also started periodic fasting (eating from 7 am– 3 pm).
How lots of days a week do you work out?My exercise consisted of cardio and weight lifting 3-4 days a week. I didnt have a set routine or schedule, but I would attempt and alternate what days I weight raised for my arms and legs
What was your starting weight? What is your present weight?My starting weight was 192 pounds, and I got down to 157 pounds..
What is your height?I am 5 7 ″.
The length of time did your change take?I started my journey in September 2018 and reached my goal weight in October 2020.
Is weight reduction surgical treatment part of your journey?Weight loss surgery was not part of my journey.
What is the greatest lesson youve learned?The greatest lesson I have actually found out so far is consistency. Persevere! Dont give up..
What guidance would you like to share with women who wish to lose weight?Exercise and healthy consuming is not a punishment. Take care of your body while you are living due to the fact that its the just one you get! Weight reduction is a procedure that takes some time. It doesnt take place overnight! Provide yourself grace and enjoy the process.
Instagram: @jhuntercali.
< Janea lost 35 pounds by concentrating on physical fitness and nutrition. She got 30 pounds after a tough pregnancy and the loss of her grandpa. Sick of feeling sluggish and having constant headaches, she chose to attempt The Whole 30 plan.

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