Jennifer lost 78 pounds

I am an Air Force Veteran, Author, Wife, and mom of 5 children. I weighed well over 320 pounds, and now I weigh 242 pounds. I am 5 2 ″. My change took about 8 months..
Morbid weight problems runs on both sides of my household. I continued to consume quick food and sugar without any regard for my future.
In April 2019, I dropped the stairs in my house while carrying my two-year-old daughter. Fortunately she was ok, but I sustained damaged bones in my ankles. At that point, I tipped the scales at over 320 pounds. After months of healing and lots of physical therapy, I was back on my feet and all set to get back fit. Then, on April 9, 2020, I sprained my right knee and was down once again. On April 22, I went to a doctors appt for my knee, and he was really blunt, saying I was very heavy and had arthritic knees.
I was ashamed and embarrassed that I got to that point. I right away went house and began to journal. At that moment, I chose that since of Gods love for me, I was going to combat for my life.

Workout: As I put down, recovery from my knee sprain and my stiff ankle, I began utilizing a kettlebell. (Just raising it in the air and attempting to get some form of exercise.) Ultimately, I started strolling once again, and I would walk to my front door.
I discovered I was getting stronger and could walk the block. Eventually, I was strolling for miles, riding bikes, and doing kettlebell training. I began to feel more powerful and more flexible..
I worked out about five days a week. I started strolling 2 miles a day, and I did kettlebell training every day for 15 minutes to 25 minutes. Overtime, I increased the miles I walked and the weight of the kettlebell.
Consuming Habits: For spiritual reasons, at the start of my journey, I fasted for 23/24 hours. I drank just lemon water and green tea. At 6 pm, I consumed my very first meal. Then, absolutely nothing once again till 6 pm the next day. I did that for about 6 months. Now Ive switched to fasting from 8 pm to 12 pm (very first meal around 12/1 pm and eat again after 6 pm and stop consuming after 8 pm).
Instead of sweets (I was greatly addicted), I ate watermelon to please my sweet tooth. Once I mastered that, I stopped consuming fried chicken. Since of the fasting, I started craving much healthier options.
I started practicing meditation more on Gods love and made small steps. I took it one meal at a time and one day at a time.
I altered my mind. In the past, I was so scared of stopping working. I imposed self-control on myself. I remained consistent with fasting, strolling, kettlebell training, and eating excellent 80% and enabled myself a cheat meal from time to time..

Improvement of the Day: Jennifer lost 78 pounds. She is an Air Force Veteran, Author, Wife, and mother of 5 kids. In 2019 and 2020, she experienced a number of injuries, consisting of damaged ankles after a bad fall. As she recuperated, she chose it was time to get in shape. Leaning on her faith, periodic fasting, journaling, strolling, and kettlebell training worked for her.

To date, I am 2 pounds far from losing 80 pounds. This is a lifelong journey. Every day I have to wake up and be accountable for the choices I make. I take the frame of mind of “Me vs. Me”, and I dont compare myself to others. I complete against my old pictures as motivation.
I understand now that motivation will get me started, however its my daily routines that will keep me going. Its a matter of life and death, and I picked life!!!
I want desire share this advice with women ladies want to lose weight: It first initially in your mind. Numerous times I tried so hard to lose weight, but I went into it with a beat mindset.
You should keep your vision before you at all times because it will trigger you to stay disciplined. It will get tough. There will be temptation however do not quit on yourself. I understood no one was going to do this for me. I needed to stop making excuses and choose what I wanted: To be healthy and leave a legacy for my kids. If you can alter your mind, the weight will follow. Once I dominated my mind, my life changed. The weight started to fall off.
Instagram: @jenn_slimsdown.

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