Kimberly reclaimed her health and happiness

What was your motivation?The loss of my husband caused me to fall under anxiety. I found myself eating and sleeping daily for several years. I recognized that I wanted more out of life, and I should have to be pleased and healthy. I began going to therapy for the loss of my spouse. From there, I started to take care of my body and mind.
How did you change your consuming habits? What did your exercise routine consist of?I stopped consuming quick food/unhealthy foods and drinking sodas.
I didnt overwhelm myself by exercising every day or for long hours. I do sit-ups, pushups, burpees, leaping jacks, and crouches. I was consistent, and I saw what I ate..

< Kimberly has gone from wearing an XXL to a size Large. After the loss of her husband, she fell into an anxiety. Years later, she realized that she deserved to be healthy and happy. With counseling, much healthier eating habits, and workout, she recovered her mind and body. When did you begin your weight-loss journey?I started my journey 11 years earlier. Ive had some rough spots along the way, but my before picture keeps me from giving up! I do not desire to go back there once again. It took me ten months to lose all of the extra inches. I started this journey using a size XXL, and now I wear a Large.. What is your height?Im 6 1 ″.. Is weight reduction surgical treatment part of your journey?I didnt have any surgery. What is the most significant lesson youve discovered so far?Ive found out to be client with myself, commemorate my weight-loss achievements no matter how little, and never ever compare my weight reduction journey. What recommendations would you like to show women who wish to lose weight?Ladies, please be client with yourself on this journey. Never compare yourself. Each person is various, and some individuals lose weight quicker than others. As long as you correspond, consume healthily, do not offer up, and keep a positive mindset, youll see results! Instagram: @widowsofopportunity.

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