Leslie lost 30 pounds

I walked at least 5 miles per day, and sometimes I planned tennis in the nights. I live in Ohio, where the winter seasons are cold, so now I find special methods to get at least 5 miles in per day.
What is your current weight?My greatest weight in 2020 was 202 pounds, and I am currently at 172 pounds. I lost 30 pounds with IF in 6 months.
What is your height?I am 5 7 ″.
When did you start your journey?I started tracking my weight in July 2020.
What is the greatest lesson youve found out so far?Ive discovered that Intermittent Fasting is a Lifestyle and a Journey. Even though I lost nearly 15 pounds in October 2020, that doesnt indicate that Ill lose that much every month. As long as I am making progress and my blood work looks healthy, I am happy!
I would say to offer yourself the very same grace and persistence that you would give your finest buddy. I d like to take that a little more and state, Be your own finest friend, like yourself, and smile at yourself in the mirror.
Let others influence you, but dont let contrast take your happiness! Im here to inspire along the method!
Is weight-loss surgery part of your journey?No, Ive never had any type of surgery.
Instagram: @leslieannpolkFacebook: @leslieannpolkYouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC2cjetykpyTtVON2X7yhoEw.
< Leslie lost 30 pounds. She researched Intermittent Fasting and discovered a fasting window that works for her. What was your inspiration? What inspired you to keep going, even when you desired to give up?I presently have high blood pressure. My family history is heavy in Diabetes, HBP, Cancer, and Heart Disease. I have always liked style and dressing fashionable. I seemed like I owed it to myself to be healthy however likewise look excellent and feel good. I am better than Ive ever remained in my life, so why not reach my ideal healthy weight likewise? How did you alter your consuming habits?I ended up being interested in Intermittent Fasting at the beginning of 2020. My weight was around 202 pounds. I would quickly a couple of days, and then I d go back to consuming the routine method. Finally, in October, I made up my mind to do OMAD. On the early morning of October 3rd, 2020, I got up and said that Im going to do an October OMAD difficulty. I revealed the challenge on my social media pages, which made me accountable for my words and dedication. I started the month off at 201lbs. By the last day of the month, I was down to 186.8 pounds. This was almost 15lbs in one month. I felt better than ever.. At that time, I was very rigorous about OMAD being a 23:1 fasting window. Because then, I have actually done more research and progressed. Presently, I quickly anywhere in between 19-23 hours daily. I yearn for more entire foods now. I still delight in all of my preferred foods, simply with discipline.

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