Macros 101 with Tina from Carrots N Cake – 137

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What are Macros?
How do they associate with a healthy diet?
Why should a runner care about macros?
How can taking note of macros help you run better, faster, longer.
Whats the very best way to start to get your nutrition well balanced

Macros 101– We talk about:.

Ive known her for years and her blog Carrot N Cake was one of the first ones I ever checked out. I discovered it interesting because shes from Boston and me being from Southern California, I believe whatever about that location is so fascinating and different from my lil world.
To give it to you straight– Tina produced one of the most popular blog sites of the time. We satisfied on some blog site trip years earlier and shes one of the best women Ive ever met on a trip like that.
Now associated with todays subject– Tina has loads of experience and understanding about physical fitness and nutrition. She is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), Certified Nutrition Coach. Shes also an author and her latest book was practically to come out when we spoke– so we discuss it at the end..
Ill put links to her Instagram and site in the show notes on Run Eat so you can inspect it out there. Now lets get to the interview …

Run Eat Repeat Podcast episode 137– Warm Up:.
Hi!! I hope youre having an excellent day and are ready for a terrific run. I have a fantastic show for you today– but.
I do want to offer a lil disclaimer … I used to talk about weight loss a lot on Run Eat Repeat. Reducing weight was initially one of my main objectives. And I think part of what made my website so successful was the reality that I was a genuine, relatable girl having problem with my weight and happy to share my journey online.
Its wild to think of now because although everybody has a social media existence now and lots of people can be considered influencers … the most significant instagram and tik tok stars arent sharing the really uncomfortable and awkward things..
Yes, a great deal of individuals share uncomplimentary photos now and label them as being real or Instagram vs. Real Life. However one image of the fact that you have cellulite isnt the same as confessing you started binge consuming in college and have struggled to stop for years– to the point where you decided to go to therapy due to the fact that it was taking control of your life.
It seems off topic however its associated … Im saying this since although there are heaps of posts on Run Eat Repeat that are really humiliating– from the method I discussed food and my body to the awful photography. But its real AF.
Its over-sharing, uncomfortable, humiliating– and it was all part of my long journey to weight-loss.
When I lost weight I continued to talk about food and weight– I believe in a healthy way, and. I discovered a great balance to running and eating and I preserved my weight-loss for a long period of time. Obviously I got tons of concerns about it– so I wished to keep talking about it..
— I also recognized part of what triggered me to hate my body in high school … which led to diet plans … which led to binge consuming …– part of what triggered that was diet plan culture..
Glorifying diets and weight reduction and specific sizes of bodies– thats all part of diet culture. And I didnt desire to support that anymore. It made me feel bad!
And I got to a place where I unapologetically didnt follow anyone who made me feel bad about my body or what I ate..
Over the last couple of years Ive been through a lot and one of the advantages about that is Ive become self mindful. Ive needed to recognize my triggers with dating and friendships and social networks to preserve my mental health.
So I stopped speaking about diet plan difficulties and weight reduction because I didnt wish to set off anyone..
This has actually constantly badgered me since I understand a lot of you desire to understand how I lost weight in a healthy way and maintained it. And I understand I can discuss having a well balanced diet plan in a healthy method. Understanding your body and nutrition needs is so essential for marathon training!.
When I determined my fueling prepare for complete marathons– it altered my running and I got a lot faster and was simply happier due to the fact that I felt better and it was more enjoyable!
That is why I asked Tina to be on the program today– I thought that this would be an excellent method to begin speaking about nutrition in a healthy way. Were not discussing diet plans or weight reduction– were speaking about macros and how a well balanced diet plan can help you feel much better and run better..
This is a terrific location to begin if youre not extremely informed on nutrition and its also a terrific review if you want to check-in with yourself and your present diet.

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Have a terrific run!.

I do want to give a lil disclaimer … I used to talk about weight loss a lot on Run Eat Repeat. And I believe part of what made my site so effective was the truth that I was a genuine, relatable woman struggling with my weight and ready to share my journey online.
And when I lost weight I continued to talk about food and weight– I believe in a healthy method. I found an excellent balance to consuming and running and I maintained my weight loss for a long time. Glorifying diets and weight loss and certain sizes of bodies– thats all part of diet plan culture.

Podcast 137 AWARDS:.

If you think Macros is short for Macaroni and Cheese or if you need an evaluation of what macros are and how taking note of them can help you attain a healthier well balanced diet plan– listen closely due to the fact that this episode is loaded with information! Before we get to speaking about Macros 101 with Tina Haupert from Carrots n Cake — lets heat up ….
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