Maya lost 20 pounds

What inspired you to keep going, even when you desired to give up?My motivation was being in better health. I had gotten a little off track and got 20 or so pounds after losing 12 (when I was at a lower weight).
How did you alter your eating habits?I gave my consuming practices time to alter. I had a little a craving for sweets however did not cut anything out right now. I simply integrated more healthy foods and did my calorie and macro tracking through My Fitness Pal.
What did your workout regular include? How typically did you work out?I do Beachbody programs 5-6 days weekly..
What was your starting weight? What is your present weight?Ive gone from 155 pounds to 135 pounds.

< What is your height? 5 3 ″. When did you begin your journey? How long did your improvement take?It began on April 26th, 2020, and its still in development! Is weight reduction surgical treatment part of your journey?Not at all. What is the most significant lesson youve discovered so far?I am so much more powerful than I at first might have ever imagined.. What suggestions do you have for females who want to lose weight?Just start, make a dedication to yourself and do the dang thing. Instagram: @hisgraceismystrength. Maya lost 20 pounds. She understood it was time to do something sluggish, different, and sustainable in terms of exercise and nutrition. Exercising 5-6 days a week and tracking her food intake with My Fitness Pal are 2 of the healthy habits that worked for her.

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