Miles Total and Best of February 2021

Another HUGE HAPPY moment for me was getting a manicure and pedicure for the first time since last March (when the pandemic hit). I think Ive gotten one at least monthly given that high school.
It felt so great to get a pedicure and see that the nail hair salon had up plastic guards and everyone was wearing masks. I went mid-day on a weekday and so it was pretty empty too.

I didnt take fancy prior to and after photos but I did snap this picture while I was icing my knee and you can see my toes …

In other Valentines Day News …
Ben is in SoCal today for work and brought me Valentines in the type of donuts and iced coffee.

Hi! I like that March 1st is on a Monday– it seems like a double new beginning. Before I set any goals for the month I desire to wrap up how lots of miles I ran in February and the finest food of the month.
And if you like to track your month in miles or kilometers … I have a fantastic template you can utilize in your Instagram Stories (and on Facebook). Its saved in the @RunEatRepeat Instagram Story Highlights under Templates to make it simple.
How to Use the Instagram Story Template

To round out the best eats of the month …
A place close by has the finest Taco Salad– yes, I believe salad needs to be in quotes since its more like a HUGE Taco Boat with lettuce. When they go, my parents normally divide it. And before I got one my mama was determined that one individual cant complete it.
Um, mama … do have we satisfy? Do you believe this is amateur hour??

I have not counted up my regular monthly mileage since before I broke my foot. And even then I wasnt doing it regularly since its never ever been a huge deal to me (see: that time I simply missed running 2,000 miles in 1 year due to the fact that I wasnt tracking mileage).
Considering that the timeline for road races are still unidentified and I require something to go by– I decided to return to basics and check in with my total runs and consumes for the month.
February Miles Notes:.

Ive taken a few extra day of rest recently when my knee was bugging me (I believe its associated to my foot messing with my type & & need to get to a chiro or something to get popped into location).
I dont know how numerous miles I ran in January due to the fact that mid-month I started to utilize a new running watch and the old ones dead today. Ill probably look it up later however its not going to keep me up during the night.
I had my watch in my bag and accidentally turned it on one day so it taped a 31+ mile run. I dont believe it was that I chose a run and forgot to stop it since it occurred on a day of rest when I was hanging out with my nieces (so they mightve likewise simply been pushing buttons on it but I dont think so).

Go to @RunEatRepeat Instagram and click on Templates in the Highlights
Tap towards the best side of your phone to avoid through until you see the one you wish to use. (If you go too far– tap the left side of your phone to go back.).
Screenshot the template you wish to use.
Go to your Instagram Stories to add a post. Choose the design template you screenshot.
Click the Aa text button to fill out your responses.
Tag @RunEatRepeat (for credit & & due to the fact that I love to connect with you on IG).
Share it with your followers!

Keep Going with these:.

If you want a month-to-month miles tracker– I made this for you: 2021 Monthly Miles Tracker.

My mommys birthday is Valentines Day so we celebrated with my nieces. My mommys buddy dropped off a HUGE piñata as a present a few days prior to her birthday. Although it was simply my family we needed to fill it with sweet and break it open.
Basically my niece broke it all by herself. Thats pretty cool? When else do you get to be the only one to bust open a piñata?!

And one night when I was hanging out with Ben we purchased California Pizza Kitchen. Well, I suggested what to get and he included a lot of things to the order.

Even though it was a short month it was packed with a great deal of joy. My very first emphasize of the month is being featured on Dr. Oz sharing Tips about Running in public locations and running mask rules.
If you missed it inspect it out here: * Run Eat Repeat on Dr. Oz *.

I just realized there are no pics of Diego in this wrap-up! Oh well … Ill share one of him tomorrow. He misses you.

Heres the Monthly Miles Template in case you want to utilize it for your blog or screensaver, however its most likely most convenient to do it straight on IG for sizing functions.

February: 116.24 Miles.
March: TBD.

Total: That would be a multitude of miles IF it was a great deal of quality running exercises (like speed work, hills, tempo), however its not. Last week I planned my training at the beginning of the week and it was hard, but great running. Preparation is so crucial to make development. It was challenging and I felt soooooo slow during the speed runs however I understand thats what I must focus on today.
I do not have a mileage objective for March and will not make one. Im going to plan my training at the start of the week and concentrate on tempo runs, simple runs, long term and strength training.

Prior to I set any objectives for the month I desire to evaluate how numerous miles I ran in February and the finest food of the month.
Total: That would be a fantastic number of miles IF it was a lot of quality running workouts (like speed work, hills, tempo), however its not. It was challenging and I felt soooooo sluggish during the speed runs however I know thats what I need to focus on right now.
My moms and dads usually split it when they go. And prior to I got one my mommy was adamant that one person cant complete it.

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