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Ive also found out that there is a phenomenon called rebound hypertension which occurs when you go off some BP meds, especially beta-blockers. Im not exactly sure thats pertinent since I left it a few months back,

I have had “white coat disease” in the past, where BP reading is raised in the medical professionals workplace, however when I go home its great. When I got a reading around 170/90 on my Dr. see, I informed my brand-new Doctor (more on her below) that and she took my word for it, and told me to go home and do a BP log for a week to show her on the next go to. Imagine my surprise when I got home and got in the variety 170/90 multiple times!

Around last October, I figured, you understand what, its been more than 3 years because my surgery and I had no incidents of AFIB or other arrhythmia, so why do I still require Metaprolol?

I was very first identified with hypertension more then 10 years earlier, however is was not too bad, about 140/80, so my doc put me on low dose atenelol (beta blocker, 20 mg) I later on switched to a various primary Doc near my work (at the time) whose a sports medicine expert, who prescribed low dose lisinopril. When I had incidents of AFIB due to aortic stenosis, my cardiologist put me on Metaprolol 50 mg to also control possible arrhythmias. Metaprolol is also a beta-blocker so acts to lower BP.

Luckily I have a follow up with my brand-new Doc. Probably if I do not have it down enough by then, shell put me on something for the short-term, and in the long term work more on lifestyle interventions.

I phased myself off by the end of October, and continued on happily to the present. Two errors: I did not talk to my doctor first, and I didnt trouble to inspect my BP. I forgot Metaprolol doubles as a BP med. Note to self: no self medicating, always contact your Doc!

My New Doctor- Preventive Medicine!

I decided to look for a preventive medication professional as my new doctor. I discovered Dr. Sepideh Moayed up in Campbell. My very first research project is to do a comprehensive food log (she is also well-trained in nutrition), as well as the BP log, and shes sending me off for the most in-depth bloodwork Ive ever had.

Up until next Friday, Ill deal with the BP issue with all the lifestyle interventions I understand. Im cutting back on both strength and volume for a few days: Elevated BP can be a side effect of overtraining. The significant new wrinkle is current findings about the intensity of workout for BP lowering:

Recommendations in the past said low to moderate strength, and now it appears the higher the better (although that must be gone over with your doctor, as it says in this article, you “might think about advancing to more energetic intensities, however, the risk-to-benefit ratio has actually not yet been established”). So Im going to stick with moderate and low till I follow-up with my brand-new Doc.

I will keep you posted on this continuing brand-new legend.

Ive likewise rapidly executed “low hanging fruit” procedures I discovered on the internet. I was already basically complying with the DASH diet plan, except for reducing salt, so Ive cut down on that. Relaxation is necessary so Ive paid more attention to greater quality yoga and meditation sessions. Its working so far, Im down to 144/76 today.

Pescatello, R, et al, Exercise for Hypertension: A Prescription Update Integrating Existing Recommendations with Emerging Research, Curr Hypertens Rep., 2015.
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Im not bummed out about this, its simply a new difficulty. Im just glad I got away with no permanent damage with my foolishness in going off a med without inspecting with my doc. As Dr. DeRose points out, high BP can in fact be the present of a wake up call. Back in early 2017, I was doing extremely well on clean eating. At that time my get up call was my continuous aortic stenosis concern leading up to my surgical treatment, along with a bad triglyceride arise from a blood test. But in time I got a bit more lackadaisical about it. Its time to get more major with the BP awaken call.

I likewise found a terrific book Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control, by David DeRose MD MPH, Greg Steinke MD MPH, and Trudie Li MSN FNP. These authors have experience with Loma Linda University (of Seventh Day Adventist Study popularity) and the extremely successful Community Health Improvement program, and they have actually had significant results on BP lowering in practice. Ill go after what I glean from this book in addition to my Doctors recommendations.

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January 30, 2021January 29, 2021

I have actually had “white coat disease” in the past, where BP reading is elevated in the physicians office, but when I go home its great. When I got a checking out around 170/90 on my Dr. see, I informed my new Doctor (more on her below) that and she took my word for it, and informed me to go home and do a BP log for a week to show her on the next see. Two errors: I did not consult with my medical professional initially, and I didnt bother to inspect my BP. The major new wrinkle is current findings about the strength of workout for BP lowering:

Its time to get more severe with the BP wake up call.

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