Nicole lost 22 pounds

I had terrible habits when I was in college, like any typical college trainee. I gained about 50 pounds very quickly and had some health problems because of it. That was the very first time I had to actually change my eating routines..
After giving birth to my infant, the weight gain was extremely different and MUCH more difficult to lose, specifically with breastfeeding and working 50 hours a week.
Im 18 months post-partum and in the best shape of my life! My inspiration was seeing results! As soon as I started seeing a change, my self-confidence began growing! I lost five pounds my very first two weeks, and that pushed me to keep going. It motivates you to press forward when you see how your body responds to good nutrition, consistency, and exercise.

Nicole lost 22 pounds. She had challenges with her weight and health during college. She found weight loss even more challenging after having her very first kid. With healthier eating habits, consistency, exercise, and perseverance, shes now in the very best shape of her life..

< How did you change your consuming habits?I slowly began to change my eating habits. I began using Herbalife, and it was very easy to follow. The shakes taste wonderful, and theyre simple to make. Theyve saved me from eating in restaurants like I utilized to. What did your exercise regular consist of?When I initially started, I did a great deal of cardio. Now, I focus primarily on strength training! What was your beginning weight? What is your present weight?I began my journey at 167 pounds, and I currently weigh 145 pounds. What is your height?Im 5 2 ″. When did you begin your weight reduction journey?I started my journey at the end of July 2020, and I am currently 6 months in. What is the most significant lesson youve found out so far?Ive found out how to be constant and patient. Its a lifestyle change, so its a slow, steady procedure. You need to be constant to maximize your results! What guidance would you like to share with ladies who wish to lose weight?My recommendations: Dont let anyone talk you out of doing whats best for you! There will be people who will try to speak doubt into your strategies. The only individual thats standing in between you and your goal is YOU. Instagram: @Katricenicolee.

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