Rakeb lost 50+ pounds

< What was your motivation?My journey began when I went away to college. I called it freshman 50! I went away to college and acquired 50 pounds. I was depressed, not encouraged, lazy, and dissatisfied. I got up one day and decided to take control of my weight and my happiness. I went vegan and began working out 3-5 times a week. Now Ive lost over 50 pounds, and I am more powerful than ever! When did you begin your journey?I started working out in 2016, but I wasnt constant, and I didnt have any concept what to do in the health club. I tried my journey again in 2018. I began doing Crossfit and strength training. I went vegetarian (currently vegan) because I needed a serious clean and a challenge. That first year was really difficult for me psychologically, however I understood I needed to push. I currently exercise 5-6 times a week, and I am intending to grow muscles.. What is your current weight?My existing weight is 162 pounds. Im 24 years of ages. What is your height?I am 5 4 ″. What recommendations would you like to show women who wish to lose weight?My guidance to my girls and gents is, your body is continuously changing. Stop quiting when you do not see results in 2 weeks. It requires time and discipline. Instagram: @noirathletics_ Transformation of the Day: Rakeb lost 50+ pounds. She didnt get the freshman 15 when she went away to college. Rather, she acquired the freshman 50. Determined to recover her happiness and health, she pressed past feelings of depression and an absence of motivation. By transitioning to a plant-based diet plan and exercising consistently, she has accomplished excellent results.

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