Running with a Mask Tips as seen on Dr. Oz

Here is the Proper Mask Etiquette for Runners segment included on Dr. Oz recently. And that means Im frequently not alone while running in parks or on public courses. If I do not get out to run incredibly early I end up passing other people. I understand its hard to run. And I know its even harder to run while wearing a mask.

Here is the Proper Mask Etiquette for Runners segment included on Dr. Oz just recently. Its from the episode– You Dont Need To Be Afraid of …– Covid Myths. You can view more from that episode on the Dr. Oz YouTube channel (theres a lot of excellent info and updates for everyday jobs like grocery shopping).
Scroll down to learn more and links to my favorite running masks.

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I consider myself really lucky to be a SoCal native and I love it here. A lot of people love it here! And that implies Im often not alone while running in parks or on public courses. If I dont get out to run very early I end up passing other individuals. I make sure I have a mask with me at all times and I put it on when Im neighboring other runners or walkers.
In this manner I do not need to use it the entire time Im running (particularly I do not have to wear it around my nose and mouth when Im running alone). But if I see somebody along my route (or hear somebody coming up behind me) Ill have my mask convenient to put on in those circumstances.
I know its difficult to run. And I understand its even more difficult to run while using a mask. So Ive tried a lot of different masks for runners in an effort to find excellent choices that are inexpensive and available to everyone.
Ive posted about Running Masks a few times because the pandemic started– so Ill link to those posts listed below. However as with all information here and across the internet– always talk to your medical professional to find out what is finest for your body AND in this case consult local authorities relating to the guidelines for your location.
Check out this post for more details on Running with a Face Mask:.
Face Masks for Runners– My favorite Face Masks for Running and Tips to help you stay with it.

Hola! I was on Dr. Oz this week. Yes, me– your friendly Mexican-American redhead runner & & developer of Run Eat Repeat, Monica Olivas. And– Yes, Dr. Oz as in Americas physician, author, tv host and Daphnes father (anyone else a super fan of the stunning Daphne Oz?).
The episode is all about the current Coronavirus information and updates to make sure were all doing our best to remain healthy and keep individuals around us healthy and safe.
It wouldve been an honor to be on the program to speak about any of the areas Im an expert in (see likewise: watermelon slicing & & eating, finest sunblock for marathon training, forecasting your voice & & more), but to chime in on Running with a Mask Etiquette is something Ive done a lot of research on.

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