Safely thickening soups, gravies, and sauces on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

In the Wheat Belly way of life, weve eliminated all the basic thickeners from our kitchen area racks. When looking for alternative thickeners, it would be silly to change one issue active ingredient with another issue component, like replacing unfiltered cigarettes with low-tar cigarettes– not an excellent switch. If used in more than the most small quantities, it can increase blood sugar and yields other health issues, so go extremely gently if you select this as a thickener.
For periodic usage, it is a scrumptious and versatile thickener. Chia, nevertheless, does make a fantastic thickener for jams or preserves.


With the vacations upon us, its worth repeating how we thicken sauces, gravies, and soups the Wheat Belly method without having to tangle with the health destruction of conventional thickeners like wheat flour and cornstarch.
In the Wheat Belly way of life, weve eliminated all the basic thickeners from our cooking area racks. If used in more than the most small amounts, it can increase blood sugar and yields other health problems, so go extremely gently if you pick this as a thickener.
Theres likewise a terrific side-benefit to using these non-grain thickeners: They are not only healthier, but they are also more delicious. You will marvel at why you havent been thickening with ingredients like pureed squash, butter, or mushrooms all along.
Here are my leading options for safe thickeners (in no particular order):.

There you go: a fairly large choice of healthy thickeners that can accommodate any cooking requirement you may come across, whether its an abundant roux for a roast, gravy to accompany grain-free biscuits or turkey at Thanksgiving supper, or green smoothie or raspberry jam, all while avoiding all the health problems presented by conventional thickeners.

Coconut milk or cream– Coconut milk or the thicker cream makes a terrific roux or gravy. If any coconut taste reveals through, it is easily hidden by including sea salt, ground pepper, onion powder, ground thyme or other ground seasonings. Likewise think about adding drippings or homemade stock. I especially love using coconut milk to thicken curry meals and creamy soups like cream of mushroom or cream of broccoli.
Butter– Dairy does not figure plainly in the Wheat Belly way of life, as there are issues with hormonal agent content, whey, some types of casein, in addition to lactose. (For these reasons, we tend to choose fermented dairy to minimize the problems, particularly extended fermentation that we use to make our Lactobacillus reuteri yogurt.) However butter, specifically if natural, is amongst the least problematic, considering that it is nearly all fat with very little lactose or proteins. Due To The Fact That the Wheat Belly way of life does not include any constraints on fat, hydrogenated fat, or calories, you can go to town with butter and enjoy its abundant tastes and ability to thicken.
Whipping cream– Not my first choice due to the above discussed bookings about dairy items which contain more than dairy fat. However, for occasional usage, it is a flexible and delicious thickener. You can likewise add egg yolk for a liason for added richness (however keep below boiling temperature level to prevent coagulating the egg yolk), simply as you would in conventional French cooking.
Pureed eggplant, zucchini, broccoli, pumpkin, squash– Just be conscious of net carbohydrate exposure with higher carbohydrate choices such as squash. I love these for soups, in particular. Zucchini is the simplest and safest option for a lot of dishes, both sweet and tasty.
Okra– Unlike other veggies, okra does not need to be pureed, but can be contributed to, state, gumbo, as it cooks on the stove and will yield a terrific thickening effect.
Nut butters– Aside from peanut butter in Thai dishes, I find these more useful for thickening non-savory dishes, such as shakes and shakes.
Avocado– In addition to nut butters, avocado is a wonderful thickening representative for puddings and smoothies.
Chia, ground golden flaxseed– These are best reserved for thickening puddings, jams, and smoothies as they tend to yield a not-so-desirable gooey texture you may not like for, say, a gravy. Chia, nevertheless, does make a wonderful thickener for jams or maintains. (There are numerous every easy dishes in the Wheat Belly 30-Minute Cookbook.).
Pureed mushrooms– Not only do pureed mushrooms make a marvelous thickener, they also include another dimension of flavor to your gravy, soup, or sauce. One caution: you need an actually powerful chopper or food mill to create a smooth puree, else you will get a rough consistency.

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