SIBO Success Story Needed

And much of it is literally life-changing, like my Lactobacillus reuteri yogurt that, made utilizing the modified methods I developed, yields youth-preserving, age-reversing impacts such as reduced skin wrinkles, accelerated healing, repair of vibrant strength and muscle, and increased libido. Beyond the distinct properties of this species/strain, another factor why this yogurt loads such a wallop of advantages is since the extended fermentation and addition of prebiotic fiber to the fermenting mix yield big bacterial counts, 262 billion per 1/2-cup serving on our last circulation cytometry step.
I need a SIBO success story to include in the book, an individual story of how you beat SIBO using some of the principles I promote, such as usage of the AIRE device to spot H2 gas on the breath, use of the organic antibiotics I suggest, or consumption of the SIBO yogurt that I developed that has more and more individuals reversing abnormal breath H2 and being without SIBO health phenomena.
If I include your story in the new book, I shall have a copy of the book sent to you (without charge, of course) when it becomes offered in early 2022. Post your story as a comment here in the Wheat Belly Blog, as a post in the Wheat Belly Facebook page, the private Undoctored Inner Circle Facebook page, or personal message me through Facebook. Simply inform me the basics of your story; Ill return to you for more details.


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