Simona lost 41 pounds

Simona lost 41 pounds. She was fed up with the weight reduction rollercoaster. Our sis from St. Thomas Jamaica partnered with her colleagues, exercising with them after work 5 days a week. By leaning on her faith in Jehovah, cutting her portions down, practicing periodic fasting, and declining to give up, she got terrific results..

My name is Simona, Im from St. Thomas, Jamaica, and this is my story. Its funny how Ive always told myself that I would slim down come January, and each year I not did anything..
Background: Throughout my school and career years, I was always bigger than my classmates/colleagues. Larger didnt imply I was sloppy. No, your lady was constantly hot with it. Still, there were times when I just felt out of place.
Quick forward to January 2019: Coming off a 3-week holiday in New York with my 2 young boys, I visited my doctors workplace for a routine check out. Hopping on the scale in the office left me baffled and surprised. The scale checked out 240 pounds. I thought it had actually malfunctioned. I didnt hear a thing the doctor said given that I was still puzzled about the outcomes on that scale. 240 pounds is the heaviest I have actually ever been. I chose then that I was going to lose those pounds.
By November 2019, your lady only managed to lose 10 pounds. While I was working from house, the pounds piled on. By June 2020, I weighed 234 pounds.
After countless random discussions with my coworkers at work, we chose that we all needed to lose some weight, and daily workout at work each day would be a good start. I bought activewear (something that I do not like to use), a scale, a workout mat, and a dive rope. Later, I acquired resistance bands and waist trainer.
June 8, 2020, was my first workout day. Please note that none of us were fitness specialists. We simply wished to slim down, some more than others. Our instructors were our associates. We had a nurse do our weigh-ins (42-inch waist, 234 lbs– Way past overweight. Sad face). My Blood pressure reading all right. All set! I was all set to begin.
Even the warm-ups were a challenge for me. Raising my legs off the ground? Hell, no. That job was impossible. I couldnt do one when it came to avoiding. We chuckled and joked around but each day and with each challenge, I did what I was charged to do. Maybe not completely, but I did it.

What inspired you to keep going, even when you wanted to give up?My support system at house and work influenced me. When the weight started falling off, that was all the motivation I needed to continue.
Fried foods in all formats were my specialty, but I understood I had to cut back on those foods, so thats what I did. I just cut the part sizes, and the time I ate it.
How typically did you work out?I worked out Monday– Friday for 40 minutes after work with my colleagues. I continued with my colleagues in the afternoon.
What was your starting weight? What is your present weight?My beginning weight was 234 pounds on June 8, 2020. At my last weigh-in, I weighed 193 pounds. Ive lost an overall of 41 pounds in 6 months.
What is your height?I am 5 feet, 7 inches tall.
Having faith in Jehovah while relying on the process will yield just positive things. People will constantly have an opinion on whats right or wrong for you, but in the end, the decision lies with you.
Is weight-loss surgery part of your journey?No weight loss surgery was a part of my journey..
What guidance do you have for ladies who wish to lose weight?Be you. Do It for You. If you want it actually bad, you will do it. Simply rely on the timing and remain focus on easy objectives. Avoid distractions.
This is not simply about losing weight. Its about bringing out the healthier, sexier me who inspires others around. The best is yet to come.
Instagram: @Mona__drealest.

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