The Ultimate Trick For Muscle Building

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Desire to build muscle? When somebody initially pertains to him and wishes to establish muscle, up Personal Training Founder Nick Mitchell discusses his top concern.

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Rockstar Glads January 10, 2021 - 7:52 pm

I just love how you put the info into clear direct information Nick , that’s me to a tee to my clients.

Thing is nick I left this industry for a while for 4 years in-fact for many reasons but also because I got fed up of arrogant trainers who were not that great! And bitched all day about the colleges , but also because clients were not committed . They would walk in and say want to get fit I want this that , but they just wouldn’t commit, it did my head in, especially as I knew I went through hell but still committed to my goals .

It was Excuse after excuse. Id get them to fill in questions regarding their personality and goals, ask why are you doing this? And most would say wedding ! Party or holidays. For me I can honestly say if they want it ,they will do the work , otherwise forget it most are delusional or are dreamers most times.

I can say this because I hated training , I absolutely hated it , but I was talented so I was told , so I did it . until I got into it I never did the homework or the runs I was given in the mornings , so I know what it’s like to not like training .

I can say this though , once I did I love that feeling at the end. It did encourage me to try, If it wasn’t for my coach I had for 15 + years I would never have made it to the GB team or become British champion , gone on to be picked for the Olympics work on films sets with top A grade Hollywood actors , never in a million did I expect that , I also won a all female contest called Glamazons filmed in LA for channel 5 , I was up against 13 other fitness women and athletes from body building. And with one knee as I just came back from the commonwealths , I still beat all of them. Yes I did and I was so happy I was shocked! It was my mind set Nick not drugs or anything else that got me through , I was in pain fit , but if my mind wasn’t as strong as it was I would not have won.

It’s not easy food is a real battle , being the biggest hurdle next to the cardio circuits in my experience. I would say the first step if anyone wants to spend money with a trainer is do as you say , unless they have thousands to contribute to sessions .

They may as well do the easy part ie cardio circuits food side them selves and invest the money in getting the trainer working on the muscle part and knowledge .

So yes you are 100% right ,unless you shift the fat there’s a long journey ahead regards to gaining muscle .

The best lesson part I learnt from you was the WHY ! And the hormonal reasons they need to shift the fat , for me, that is the game changer brilliant , I wonder how many will go and read the science behind why the fat causes you to see worse results ! If you push weights to gain muscle . As opposed to reducing the body fat composition..

Ha would explain this to all the guys in the free-weights area with man Moobs and fat belly’s with big arms. Will any of these guys listen ! Nope when I tell them that No ! They don’t even do their core work , it’s all arms and chest 🙄 , they think they know best and refuse to be changed , out of fear and admitting they were wrong all this time I guess. Slowly mind you Nick , these guys are starting to listen too me and asking advice weather they action it is another story .

I would love your guys to show me the methods to really stripping fat quickly ! I didn’t really focus on foods till I become ill and went vegan for a year to remove the chemicals from most of my diet . I’m now currently on the Keto! Because even I wasn’t disciplined enough to follow a diet based on normal reduction of carbs , even as a athlete I did all my success on 60% discipline in my foods . Also had severe anaemia , readings as low as 8.3 , that means hardly any red blood cells carrying Oxygen around my body , but I still became number one in the country and 26 rankled in the world .

Im not blowing my trumpet , I’m just stating what the mind set needs to be and how it plays a massive part .I spent my whole life living on sweet things, It nearly killed me , it took two pancreatic attacks on my death bed and a doctor to say one more and you could die for me to lay in my hospital bed to think about change .

for me my surgeons didn’t know why, it was happening, so I Researched why and found out I was killing my pancreas with was that simple I couldn’t believe it ,yet a top Surgen couldn’t figure 🙄.

Now I’m so insulin resistant, I literally had to cut my carbs to 23 g a day and even that triggers sugar cravings , because I’m still shooting over by by 56g Because I still sneak a cake in when I see one. But it’s getting less by the day. I bought an-insulin monitor too to make me more focused.

For those with this battle I would say fasting is also helping me for those that may be having the struggles Ive experienced , in doing between 14 up-to 24 hours every other day to kick my body into Ketosis and remove the carb cravings to get started it’s helping me.

So thanks buddy I’m planning on costing your Kensington branch once I’m up-to scratch because I want to be the best I can be again even when I was competing , to show clients the journey I went through even though I was successful as a athlete . X

VIN January 10, 2021 - 7:52 pm

How would you recommend getting lean

Greg S January 10, 2021 - 7:52 pm

Ultimate trick for muscle building = drugs.

goatman January 10, 2021 - 7:52 pm

That’s a GREAT message….Don’t pay any attention to those who say you were repeating yourself. Your video was packed with useful information from start to end and, even though you said what I already kinda knew anyway, it was great to hear it told bluntly and straight to the point as you did so very well. As I fall into the ‘fat bastard’ category myself, I now know that I have to completely re-structure my training regime for the coming year….so I will GO AWAY…and do brisk 4 mile walks rather than hitting the weights hard, or at the very least increase the ratio of my aerobic training until I am a lot leaner! Thanks for this, brilliantly explained, especially regarding the function of insulin which I now fully understand thanks to your excellent presentation!

Ray fitness January 10, 2021 - 7:52 pm

Just found your channel. I think you give great advice! your advice resonates with me.

Guy Green January 10, 2021 - 7:52 pm

‘If a fat bastad came to me’ that is so funny

Irma Barzdaite January 10, 2021 - 7:52 pm

Great video ! Thanks !

Tobias M January 10, 2021 - 7:52 pm

Same for woman too?

Official lol Skills January 10, 2021 - 7:52 pm

Hey i am 18 y.o now and around 15-16% bodyfat seeing the results of lifting though. So this vid says that if, I am going to around 10% you make more musle mass? 😛 Nice video though going to try this 🙂

Tilak R January 10, 2021 - 7:52 pm

Some strong words….sir

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