Top 10 Most Useful Articles for Health & Wellness Professionals

Over the course of 2020, AFPA released over 100 initial short articles; 10 downloadable e-books and guides; and shared hundreds of summaries of cutting-edge health, nutrition, and physical fitness research study publications through our newsletter and blog site..
Through sharing easily available digital content, we aim to support the work and businesses of health and wellness coaches all over. In 2020, our material concentrated on:.

In this short article, weve picked 10 of the finest short articles and resources from 2020 for you to evaluate, download, share, and save for future referral..

Providing details on nuanced techniques to supporting habits change.
Sharing practical, tested suggestions for handling and growing your coaching company.
Giving you resources to assist support your customers with the modifications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Grounding research study on chronic conditions and health systems so that coaches can apply the knowledge in their profession.
Incorporating psychological health, body-positive, and variety awareness into the content.

10 Best Health Coaching Resources of the Year.
Lessons the Year 2020 Has Taught the Health and Wellness Industry.
This short article, divided into Part 1 and Part 2, is rooted in a reflection of the multitude of significant occasions of 2020 and transforms the reflections into lessons for the health and wellness market.
Rather than focusing on passing lessons like what we learnt more about particular dietary regimens or the benefits of the particular foods, this article focuses on lessons which, if we find out from them as a market, might help direct programming and policy for more efficient, holistic, and more fair methods to health..
As the two-part short article shares the seven lessons 2020 has actually left the health and wellness industries, it ends each lesson in concrete actions that health and health coaches can make to apply the lessons in their practice, with their clients, and in their communities..
A few of the lessons youll check out about consist of how:.

Health Crises Impact Normal Lifestyle and Wellness Behaviors.
Systemic Injustice Continues to Be at the Root of Many Health Problems.
A Wellness Focus Has Proven to be Just as Important as Physical Health.
Well-Designed Online Health Services Help Keep People Healthy, Active, and Safe.
Present Food Systems Put the Population at Risk of Food Insecurity.

Click on this link to begin reading Lessons the Year 2020 Has Taught the Health and Wellness Industry..
10 Strategies for Keeping Your Health and Wellness Knowledge Up-to-Date.
As a health specialist, keeping your understanding up-to-date is more crucial than ever. In the pressure of running a business, however, it can be difficult to keep up with the most current scientific publications and food and health trends and comprehend present disputes..
This post recommends ten concrete methods for keeping your health and health understanding existing in a method that is reasonable for your way of life. Rather than utilizing this list as an order of business, we encourage you to determine which strategies can assist fill your current understanding gaps and go from there. As your understanding needs modification, rethink at this resource and adapt your continued education method..
Most importantly, the primary takeaways are summarized in an easy-to-read infographic, which you can print out or save for easy reference..
Check out 10 Strategies for Keeping Your Health and Wellness Knowledge Up-to-Date.
Health Behavior Science and Why Its Important for Health Coaches.
Do you require a refresher on understanding why people make sure way of life options? This short article is a great place to begin..
The short article reminds coaches that health behaviors arent as simple as learning what is finest for your health and selecting to put that understanding into action. Rather, they arise from a complicated process of decisions, practices, psychological state, social support, trauma, experiences with discrimination, and access to health care, among lots of others..
If you wonder why your clients are making specific choices or are searching for ideas for how to improve your coaching strategy to show health behavior science, take a few minutes to read Health Behavior Science and Why Its Important for Health Coaches.
If you wish to take your understanding about health behavior change techniques an action further, we recommend you read Behavior Change vs. Mindset Change: Using Design Thinking to Develop Healthy Habits That Stick.
Tips for Adapting to Working Remotely With Clients.
While several markets had seen a growing need for digital services, the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing orders accelerated the requirement to discover ways to work and socialize remotely..
The health coaching industry was no exception. In 2019, digital coaching services were often an included value to the service design. A year later, digital coaching services ended up being a necessity for you to provide your services safely to your customers..
This post supplies 6 concrete tips for adapting to working with your clients in a remote style. The tips arent just for coaches who are taking their service online for the very first time; the short article likewise provides fantastic ideas and suggestions for coaches who might have provided their services digitally currently but whose work environment has changed..
What to Look Out For Before Taking (or Recommending) a Supplement.
In the United States alone, the health supplement market deserved $3.4 billion in 2020. Supplements have actually ended up being common in numerous health and physical fitness circles. As a result, it prevails for health and nutrition coaches to have to understand what different supplements do and ultimately decide if they wish to suggest them to their customers..
This post offers a thorough introduction of things you need to think of previously advising a supplement or perhaps taking a supplement yourself. It advises you that there is a massive variety of supplement types, and there is also variation regarding their security for various individuals..
Ultimately, the article invites you to think critically about your and your clients nutrition and overall health and to be intentional about doing the research on active ingredients and brand names prior to providing guidance..
Bookmark this page and open for the next time a client asks you a question about a supplement..
Six Principles to Follow to Build an Immune-Boosting Exercise Routine.
Does exercise compromise the immune system? The response isnt as clear cut as numerous people might think.
This article sorts through the research study to describe how workout affects the immune system, and it sets out six standard principles you need to follow as a physical fitness coach when building a fitness routine with your customer..
The post likewise consists of some straight-forward graphics you can print out and use to discuss to clients how physical fitness regimens can impact their immune reaction..
You can have a look at the post here..
Know Your Worth: How to Confidently Set Your Coaching Rates.
Setting your rates and program prices can be exceptionally difficult in the training company. When you supply a service, the rates need to cover your income in addition to running costs and some cushion for broadening your services. Due to the fact that there are many aspects to consider when calculating your rates, it is not uncommon for coaches to undervalue their services and even lose cash..
This short article offers a well-defined technique for computing your training rates that considers your specific niche market, your objectives, your business environment, and your service offerings..
To maximize this article, we recommend you open a stand out sheet or secure an excellent old fashioned notepad to really determine a reasonable rate that reflects your value..
By the end of the exercise, youll be able to with confidence know what you should be charging for your service offerings..
Read Know Your Worth: How to Confidently Set Your Coaching Rates.
How to Make Healthy Food Delicious.
This post made this list for two primary reasons:.
It provides concrete suggestions for nutrition-filled snacks for both salty and sweet cravings..
Second, the article takes a crucial appearance at the definitions of “healthy food” and “junk food.” Over the past numerous decades, with the rise of diet plan culture, individuals have positioned a moral worth on various foods. In reality, nevertheless, food is simply food; it is how we interact with foods in regards to frequency and quantity that impacts our health..
To clear up the confusion, this post turns to the research to take an important appearance at what we define as scrap food, and instead utilizes the more accurate term “ultra-processed foods (UPF)” to describe foods we should usually eat less of, and supplies concrete ideas of nutrient-rich foods that will improve the diet..
Nutrition Practice Laws: How Can I Practice in My State?
Recently, AFPA published a total guide that summarizes nutrition practice laws by state. It outlined the standard types of state laws, essential terms, exemptions, and cautions. It also consisted of an extensive chart that summarized the laws by state..
To get that info to more nutrition specialists, AFPA published a post with a summary infographic that is easy on the eyes and some of the most referenced details about state laws for easy reference. From knowing what title you can use with your certification to seeing which states need a license to supply nutrition services, you can utilize the infographic for a quick answer to the questions you might have as you develop and broaden your nutrition coaching organization..
Coach Resource: Comparing 10 Plant-Based Protein Supplements.
This short article was among the most seen of the year, and we have a respectable idea as to why. Not just does it consist of clear info about protein requirements while on a plant-based diet, but it also supplies an extensive comparison of plant-based protein supplements..
Most importantly, it includes a complimentary, downloadable PDF for coaches who have determined their customers may gain from plant-based protein supplements..
Have a look at all of AFPAs resources on the blog site and academic resources page.

This post recommends 10 concrete methods for keeping your health and health understanding current in a method that is reasonable for your way of life. The health coaching market was no exception. In the US alone, the health supplement industry was worth $3.4 billion in 2020. Supplements have become common in many health and fitness circles. Over the past several years, with the increase of diet culture, people have actually positioned a moral value on various foods.


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