Walking in… Switzerland? Colorado? No, it’s Morgan Hill

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Its actually rare for us to get snow at this low elevation. Normally the “snow line” is above 5000 feet approximately, often it boils down to about 4000 so we get cleaning on top of the taller local peaks like Mt Hamilton, however these local foothills near my house are less than 1000 feet. I enjoyed my morning walk a lot yesterday.

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March 12, 2021March 11, 2021

I am a Mechanical Engineer born in 1953, Ph. D, Stanford, 1980. I have actually been active in the mechanical CAE field for years. I likewise have a long-lasting interest in outdoor activities and fitness. I have had both hips replaced and a heart valve replacement due to a hereditary condition. This blog narrates my experiences in staying active despite these bumps in the road.
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