What’s Actually Stopping You From Your Goals

30 Mar

. Whats Actually Stopping You From Your GoalsPosted at 18:43 h in Motivation by Natalie JillYou do NOT have a “issue” achieving your goals. What you might be doing not have is Focus. Clarity. And Vision …( let me discuss …) When you ask the majority of people what remains in the method of their goals: Some will offer you a list of “factors” or “scenarios” preventing them from accomplishing them.Some will blame othersSome will inform you why they quit or quitSome will tell you they dont understand “how” to accomplish themBut the ones that achieve them?They were CLEAR on what they wanted and why they desired it.They had a VERY specific VISION of what they wantedThey FOCUSED on that vision.When you have vision, focus and clearness: Circumstances dont stop youOthers cant stop youYou will not offer up or give up since you are clear on what you wantThe HOW will work it self out. It always does.You do not have a problem accomplishing your objectives. You simply havent comprehended FOCUS, CLARITY and your VISION around what you want.Shift your blame to asking yourself “what do I desire and why do I desire it” XO, Natalie JillComments.

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