Where Is Your Focus

03 Feb

. Where Is Your FocusPosted at 09:26 h in Motivation by Natalie JillWhere Is Your Focus? Im too old … But Im too late … But Im too injured … But my medical professional stated … But I tried before … But I do not have xyz … Lack draws in more lack.We are a result of what we FOCUS ON.What we focus on we discover more of. What we talk about we bring about.Want a different result? Shift your focus to what is POSSIBLE.Where does your mind go when you check out that?Do you go to why thats NOT possible or does it go to POSSIBILITY? Take notice of that.Stop focussing on the obstacles. They keep us stuck and nothing changes.Focus on POSSIBILITY.49 here. Significant injuries here. Autoimmune here. I might have all the exact same reasons not.My customers understand that confirming whats incorrect wont get results. So they stop.YOU BECOME WHERE YOU DIRECT YOUR FOCUS AND ATTENTION.You have the power to change things! Shift your focus.XO, Natalie JillRead to change your focus? Start HERE Comments.

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