You Create What You Focus On

22 Dec

. You Create What You Focus OnPosted at 18:32 h in Motivation by Natalie JillWe get what we consider whether we like it or not … Many times in my life I have had failures and held up … MANY TIMES. And what got me out of those times and self battered constantly was and constantly is altering my focus. Changing what I was THINKING about.Now this was never “instantaneous” and still takes me practice however it works ALWAYS when I can move my focus.YOU GET MORE OF WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.Its real … when it concerns your body, your service, your relationships, your earnings, everything.If you consider what is not working, whats wrong, what you do not desire, you will take actions that attract more and more of those things … And when you focus on thankfulness, what IS working, what IS right, what you do desire YOU WILL TAKE ACTIONS THAT GET YOU MORE OF THAT.Youve heard this before … rationally it makes sense when things are GOOD but DANG, I get it … when there is a set back or failure or something to stress about it is so dang simple to get pulled back into that NEGATIVE focus … ALL of the CIRCUMSTANCES show up and keep us feeling negative. We HAVE to learn to shift out of it.You GET to discover how to move out of it. Your future depends upon it.Worry fixes nothingThinking about what is wrong and what is not working fixes NOTHING.To get various results and what you genuinely want you need to end up being the person who already has it … Wait … state that again?To Get what you WANT you should start imitating the individual who currently HAS those things.For example, when it comes to your body, your health … What would the variation of you that you WANT to become pick to eat?What would she pick to listen to?What would she select to spend her time doing?Who would she hang out with?BE the individual who has what you want. Take THOSE actions. Do THOSE routines and you will end up being that person.TOTAL BODY THRIVE with me starts Jan 18th. 8 weeks of improvement with me. EARLY DISCOUNTED REGISTRATION IS LIVE. Go HERE for info!XO, Natalie JillComments.

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