Your Butt is Photo Shopped…🙄

30 Dec

. Your Butt is Photo Shopped …” Your abs are photo went shopping” “Your butt is photo shopped” (now I had to giggle at that a person) When I initially began sharing on social media years ago I had a wicked strong core and specified abs. Something I had actually worked REALLY hard at. I would constantly get remarks (usually from someone with a family pet or plant as a profile image) that I was photoshopped. It hurt. A lot.When video became a thing on IG those mean comments stopped.Now, years later on, as Ive been working super insane difficult the last couple of months to develop my backside, remarks once again began coming in, not about abs but that my “butt was photoshopped” I wasnt triggered this time as I now know this and have empathy: HERE IS WHAT I KNOW NOWYour suggest remarks just imply that YOU dont believe that YOUR goals are possible so you inform everyone else that accomplished something you have desired that their outcomes are fakeIm sorry that should feel sucky.Ok heres the difficult core truth: YOU need to think RESULTS are actually possible firstYOU have to believe that YOU can attain something before you can attain itYOU have to begin taking a look at others who have what you might want with curiosity, possibility and hope.You will not achieve what you THINK you want when all you see is others “unfaithful” the system. They arent. They simply believed something was possible and pursued it.You can too !!! Talk to me … are you dedicated to seeing POSSIBILITY or being a troll who tears others down? Hint … youll never ever get results that second way.XO, Natalie JillComments.

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