Zurika lost 50 pounds

< My name is Zurika, and Im 38 years old. My motivation was to be a much healthier me for my household and me. I was always active, however my eating practices werent always the very best, and I would consume red wine every day. I would consume out three times a day at lunch counter and dining establishment chains. I ate home-cooked meals sometimes. I would also yo-yo diet plan.. After college, I met my hubby and had two children. Thats when the weight ended up being even more difficult to lose. At my most significant, I weighed 195 pounds at 5 4". I lost 50 pounds, and I currently weigh 145 pounds.. When did you start your journey? In February 2020, I decided to change my eating routines to little to no processed foods and eating a much healthier diet of mostly Whole Foods. My change took 4 months. I was active every day for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day with 1- 2 days off. I also would go to the gym and work on various muscle groups. What is the biggest lesson youve found out so far? The most significant lesson is moderation. We wish to eat in restaurants and have a fun time. We are a society based on food. As soon as I saw how the weight actually melted off before my eyes by eating healthier, it inspired me to become a nutritional expert and find the science behind it.. A great deal of the "food" in the food market and top quality dining establishment chains has great deals of sodium, preservatives, and additives to stretch the success. These kinds of food consumed over the long term will trigger hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes, perhaps even cancer. The biggest guidance I have for females wanting to lose weight is to enjoy food and have a fantastic time but in moderation. 80% of the time, I consume whole, healthy food for my body, hydrate, and stay active. Instagram: @zeebestbody. Improvement of the Day: Zurika lost 50 pounds by trading processed food and junk food for entire, healthy food. This 38 year old mom of two has changed her body and way of life by exercising and following the 80/20 rule when it concerns nutrition.

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